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China Daily Video News: April 11
[ 2008-04-11 17:58 ]



Yuan breaks 7 against greenback

This week, China’s currency, the yuan, broke the 7:1 ratio with the US dollar.The People’s Bank of China set the medium parity rate at 6.9920 to 1, reflecting the rise of world monetary markets.

Update on North Korean nuclear talks

Top US nuclear negotiator Christopher Hill is in Beijing to meet with his counterparts from China, South Korea and Japan.He said talks with North Korea may soon resume after stalled negotiations about its nuclear program.

Jin Jing protects torch in Paris

Wheelchair athlete Jin Jing had to protect the torch when she took part in the Paris leg of the Olympic Torch Relay.

Many pro-Tibet demonstrators tried to grab the torch from her as she went along the Seine River.

First South Korean woman in space

On Tuesday a Russian Soyuz rocket blasted off into space carrying South Korea’s first astronaut.Yi So-yeon is a 29-year-old nanotechnology engineer and the US space agency NASA says she is the youngest ever female astronaut.

Verdict to Diana Inquest

A coroner’s jury has ruled that Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed were unlawfully killed through the reckless behavior of their driver and paparazzi.In 1997 their speeding car slammed into a concrete pillar while they were being pursued.

In depth:

New Zealand and China sign free trade pact

On Monday China and New Zealand signed a free trade agreement covering goods, services and investment. Commerce Minister Chen Deming and his counterpart Phil Goff signed the agreement, as Premier Wen Jiabao and Prime Minister Helen Clark looked on.

New Zealand will remove tariffs on 63.6 percent of imports from China , and duties on all imports will be eliminated by 2016.China will apply zero tariffs on 24.3 percent of imports from New Zealand and remove tariffs on almost all goods from the country in 2019.

Australian PM in Beijing

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in China this week on his first official state visit.

On Wednesday he gave a 40-minute speech in Putonghua at Peking University and on Thursday met with Premier Wen Jiabao and members of the Australian Chamber of Commerce.

Rudd said he is opposed to calls for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics, saying it was important to China to continue to have engagement with the world.

Today he flies to Hainan for the annual Boao Forum for Asia.

ANOC says Beijing preparations going well

The Association of the National Olympic Committees was in Beijing for a three-day visit.The 205-member delegation led by Gunilla Lindberg, said the ANOC fully supported Beijing and its organization of the upcoming Games. Meanwhile, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge expressed deep concerns about the violent protests in London and Paris.As the torch relay heads to South America, Rogge hopes the progress of the torch relay will be safe and smooth.

News on a lighter note:

Kate Moss named Queen of Style

Fashion magazine Glamour has named supermodel Kate Moss the best-dressed woman of the year.She beat Australian singer Kylie Minogue and British actress Sienna Miller.Meanwhile troubled US singer Britney Spears topped the worst-dressed list.

Wax statue of Hong Kong Chief Executive

Hong Kongers did a double-take earlier this week when a wax portrait Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang was unveiled by Madame Tussaud. To confuse everyone, Tsang wore the same outfit as his wax double.

Charlton Heston Dies

Hollywood legend Charlton Heston died this past weekend. He was 84. Heston was best known for his Oscar-winning role in Ben Hur. After his acting career, Heston also headed the National Rifle Association from 1998 to 2003.

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China Daily Video News: April 11

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China Daily Video News: April 11

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