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The Truman show《楚门的世界》精讲之五
[ 2008-11-12 11:27 ]

影片对白  An entire human life recorded on an infrequent network of hidden cameras and broadcast live and unedited, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to an audience around the globe.


5. close call

也写作close shave,表示“narrow escape, near miss”,比如:That skier just missed the tree--what a close call. 那个滑雪的人差点撞到树上,真是好险啊!

5. writing Kirk back in

But let's remind viewers of exactly why Dad was written out in the first place.

这里面两个有趣的动词短语 write in 和write out 其实就是“写进”和“删掉”的意思。

6. off limits

意思是“forbidden to be patronized, frequented, used, etc., by certain persons禁止”,比如:The tavern is off-limits to soldiers. 酒馆禁止士兵入内。

7. to say the least

这个片语的意思是“not to exaggerate不夸张的说”,比如:When the ring turned up in the lost and found, she was delighted, to say the least. 毫不夸张的说,当她在失物招领处找到戒指时,真是高兴坏了。

8. viewer phone calls

指的是“观众打进来的热线电话”。 Viewer 专指“电视观众”,比如viewers of prime-time shows 电视黄金时间的观众。Audience 所指的范围比较广,可以指“听众,观众,读者”,比如:There was a large audience in the theatre. 剧院中观众甚多。收视率Audience Rating。

9. in the vicinity of

这个片语在这里的意思是“大约,……左右”,比如:He is in the vicinity of fifty. 他有五十岁左右。它还可以表示“在……附近”,比如:There is a park in the vicinity of the city. 市区附近有个公园。

10. air date

Date on which a radio or television commercial or program will be broadcast. 电视节目或广播节目的“开播日期”。

11. on cue

意思是“on time, at the right moment 按时,在正合适的时候”。

12. commercial interruption 指商业广告。


Product placement 产品展示

The Truman show《楚门的世界》精讲之五

A Coca Cola product placement on the space shuttle is a form of space advertising.

产品展示,说白了就是“软广告”。在影片或是电视节目中,自然出现某一品牌的标识或是产品。这可比纯商业广告的效果要好多了。在电影中,Truman 的老婆Meryl 常常拿起一个东西来做一番展示和介绍,引起了Truman的怀疑。

Showing a brand name product in a feature film, television program, or other medium not typically perceived to be an advertising medium. The marketer sometimes pays a substantial fee for the placement. In other cases, the producers consider the product to be an integral part of the plot and merely request permission from the marketer. The marketer benefits from exposure to a large audience in an environment that is perceived to be objective. An added benefit is the association created between the actors or the characters they play and the product. In the film Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts boarded a FedEx truck. Another actor gave voice to FedEx's service guarantee, saying she will arrive "by 10 a.m. the next business day." After the release of E.T., sales of Reese's Pieces soared while the makers of M&Ms regretted not permitting them to be used in the film.




1. 即将成为父亲的人紧张地如坐针毡。

2. 差点把你的护照落下,真是好险。

3. 电厂地区禁止入内。

4. 不夸张地说,饭菜一点都不好吃。

The Truman show《楚门的世界》精讲之四 考考你 参考答案

1. We could be stuck here for hours.


2. I don't know what got into me.


3. 我们的假日旅游耗费了我们积蓄起来的钱。

Our holiday travel has eaten into the money we saved.

影片对白  An entire human life recorded on an infrequent network of hidden cameras and broadcast live and unedited, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to an audience around the globe.



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