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World hunger overestimated 联合国错估世界饥饿人口数字

Many children in Africa are suffering from malnourishment.


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日前联合国承认世界饥饿人口总数没有其估计人数之多。一项最新报告显示全球饥饿人数约为 8.7亿人,而并非此前公布的近 10 亿人。请听以下来自 BBC记者 Alan Johnston 的报道:

A few years ago the United Nations announced that the number of hungry people around the world had gone through the one billion mark. But the UN agencies now say that at the time their data tended to exaggerate the problem. They say progress in the fight against hunger has actually been better than was thought.

But all the same, new and more accurate figures show that just under 870 million people are malnourished today. That's more than 12% of the global population. And in Africa the battle is being lost. More and more people there are hungry. One of the UN agency chiefs said that in this advanced age it was "entirely unacceptable" that 100 million children don't get enough to eat.

The report talked of the need for economic growth that might provide vulnerable communities with greater income-earning opportunities. But, as it looked for long-term solutions, the UN also spoke of the importance of good governance, political stability and the rule of law. The creation of conditions in which economies, and education and health services, might develop in the poorest parts of the world.

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