Youth(原创)“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.” Youth is the flower of one’s life. Then, how to spend the most precious time? Hurry to all kinds of enjoyments? Get involved in romantic experiments? Or just idle away all these days? No, youth should mean striving, to take your responsibility and fight for the future.

Youth means seizing the day. The flower of youth that smiles today tomorrow will be dying. The famous sculptor Rodin ever said: “true youth, pure youthfulness with fresh blood, inviolable youth, with graceful carriage, lasts for only a few months.” Maybe it’s slightly overstated, yet youth indeed passes away quickly. It is not like a new garment, which we can keep fresh and fair by wearing sparingly; instead we must wear it daily while we have it, to make much of it. Carving a Chinese character “zao” into his desk, Lunxun became a great writer; however, stopping study to show off his talents, Fang Zhongyong—the ever prodigy child became a plain one. Now, we can see that, youth time is important and to waste it is to waste your life. Please don’t let it “go with the wind”!

Youth means studying continuously. With fresh mind and energetic body, teenager is the morning sun and youth is the golden time for learning. According to a survey done in Michigan University, a teenager on average in 47.2 percent more quick to learn and absorb a new thing. More importantly, what he learns will have a profound influence all through his life. Now that, why not study as much as we can in a period of such great efficiency? Just like a squirrel collecting chestnuts for the cold winter, we have to accumulate as much knowledge for the approaching fierce competition.

“Once you lose your prime, you may forever tarry.” So keep yourself occupied when the flower is still in your hand. Then you can enjoy the sweet fruit. Otherwise it will melt into the dust. Take actions now, to cherish, to learn, and to strive!


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