I'm happy enough!(原创)|

I'm happy enough!(原创)|

I don't know when I downloaded this movie BREAKING AND ENTERING, let alone how many times I have tried to watch it. But I never really watched it--no, never. I might be reading Deckovesky or Heimingway or chatting with my friends when I got some spare time. And why is that?

Simply because I've had enough sour endings and look-like serious movies. I don't remember who I am sometimes so that I need to find a place where there is no light nor enough space for me to hide in. Good thing is now I survived those gloomy days and I know David is back. But I'm just not sure this is the real time for me to watch it. Until this morning all of roommates have to be ready for exams, I find myself a period of time contemplating.

Press the button of my computer and fix the film being well-prepared to break into the movie and see how I can finally enter it.

"When do you stop looking at each other?

Shouldn't there be a warning?

Shouldn't somebody say to us:"Hey, watch out, pay attention?"

Because you can be thinking,:"I'm ok, we're ok, we're good."

Then you turn around and...a distance between you."

That's the beginning of the movie, a thoughtful one indeed.

Actually this is a story about how a man refinds his love through a mother and son from a far-away country.

When that mom asked him: You look so unhappy?

He replied: No, I'm happy enough.

Well, that's so English. But I'm happy enough, at least I don't have to struggle to grab something that doesn't belong to me.

By the way, I love that ending. The figure made me disilluded.

作者:天津外国语学院通讯员 刘伟

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