Magic Love on Campus(原创)

Popular high school jock Mike and the academic Susan, a prim and proper little Miss, were next-door neighbors and classmates who lived worlds apart. These two teen rivals loved nothing more than to hate one another. Every time they met each other, they quarreled without any sound reason. Given a chance, they were always making a fool of each other in front of others.

One day, in a museum, a science teacher gave them a lesson before an Aztec Statue, which was said to have powerful magic. Unfortunately, at the end of the class, the two were assigned to do a research project together outside class. Hearing that news, these sworn enemies started complaining about each other in front of the statue, one with cinematic magic……

The next morning, they got up as usual. However, something strange happened. "Gosh! What's this? A woman's exclusive things are in my body!" Mike shouted, "oh, where am I? It's not my home." Meanwhile, from the opposite of where he stayed came Susan's loud scream, "Oh, my god! What on earth happened?" Well, they found themselves in each other's body, that is to say, they had switched identities.

In the beginning, they couldn't cope with what had happened. Each suffered lot, especially Susan. She (in Mike's body) had to deal with using a male toilet, eat with terribly rude male fellows and worse still, date with Mike's sexy girlfriend. Susan was having such an awfully hard time that she cried most of the time. What’ worse, Susan's interview for Yale University two weeks later seemingly had to be canceled due to the fact that she was not herself any more but in Mike's body.

As a man at heart, Mike (in Susan's body) showed sympathy for Susan. He decided to go for the interview for her. Mike being weak in study, it seemed impossible for him to fulfill. However, with strong persistence, he studied day and night. Hearing that Mike was doing something great yet difficult for herself, Susan made up her mind to help him. During these two weeks, they spent most of time together, studying, talking, playing…… Love between the pair was developing unconsciously.

That special day eventually arrived when Mike was supposed to head for the interview. Well prepared, Mike replied to the professor's answer successfully. When the interview was near the end, the professor asked," who is your favorite poet?" At that moment, Mike was totally stuck. With little background in this area, he answered reluctantly:" Well, I do not like any. My esteemed professor." "Alright, the interview is over. Bye." the professor said. When Mike said goodbye to professor and was to step out of the room, he stopped, turned around and came up to professor, saying: "Well, professor, I do have one. His name is Micro, the most famous singer in the world" Mike was trying to explain his unique idea that the poet was not only in the field of literature, but in that of a song which also expresses feeling. The professor was taken back by Mike's answer…...

In the meantime, Susan was anxiously waiting for the result at home. Seeing Mike coming back, she dashed up to him at once. Then, Mike told her all that happened during the interview and said 'sorry' to her. Susan didn't complain because she knew Mike had done his best.

Two days later, when Susan was reading, Mike (in Susan's body) ran up to her with joy, saying "I got the admission to Yale University. Oh, not me, you, you! " Mike gave the admission letter to Susan. Susan was so happy that she kissed Mike. At this moment, they two found who they kissed were not their own body but the real Mike or Susan, that is, they returned to their own body, switching identities again, the right identities this time.

作者:北京林业大学通讯员方莉  外专brendan审校

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