Shaanxi Normal University Took New Measures Towards Electricity Saving

Recently, Shaanxi Normal University took new measures towards electricity saving. All the fluorescent lights in the classroom have been reequipped with sensor lights. This kind of light can turn on automatically as it feels heat and sound from people nearby.  Correspondingly it may go out while there is no person within a 2-meter range. Compared with the earlier situation where 10 lamps were still lit up while there was not one student in the classroom, this way, promises to save a large amount of electricity and money.

However, there are some defects of this equipment. Firstly, the sensitivity of some lights is not that good. Sometimes, although there are people sitting just under the lamps, it may go out automatically and students have to stand up or make some noises so as to turn the lamp on again. This really interrupts the process of studying.

Secondly, when there is only 4 or 5 people in the room, only 2 to 3 lamps may light up, which can not provide enough brightness to light up the whole classroom. According to some students, studying in such dim rooms hurts their eyes and bothers them a lot.

Thirdly, since students are always going in or out of the classroom to the bathroom or getting a drink of water and therefore making some sounds here and there .The lights keep on lighting up and going out again and again.

Some students majoring in physics actually cast doubts that this frequent starting of the lamps may in fact cost more electricity.

Nevertheless ,the university is now trying actively to improve the sensor lights to solve these teething problems and it is believed that the lights may become more convenient and effective in the not so distant future.

陕西师范大学通讯员 吕雯钰报道  

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