I'm Loving It(原创)

I would like to write something about tea because I love tea! I have been working in a teahouse for more than three years. I didn't drink tea at all at the very beginning, nor did I know that three years later I would be so keen on tea! Some of my friends ask me "what is your favorite tea?", I have to say that I love all kinds of teas instead of just in one flavor.

Let's start from green tea. You can make a glass of green tea and watch the fresh leaves blossoming slowly just like we give a stretch in the morning, not to mention the green scenery in the clear glass is much more beautiful and elegant than our stretch; moreover, it is full of hope, self confidence and best of all it brings you the refreshing breath of spring! You won't miss the feeling of walking into the forest in the early morning of spring!

Green tea presents you the spring while oolong tea may lead you into a joyful garden. When making traditional Chinese oolong tea in a small purple clay teapot, you might feel like you've entered a garden where you are free to appreciate the fragrances of the flowers and fruits and listen to the birds singing in the high twigs!

Another one which people mentioned a lot is black tea. The colour red is the symbol of passion in the Chinese Culture. When tasting black tea, you may feel like sitting beside the fireplace in the icy cold winter. Watching the snowflakes fluttering down outside the window and enjoying the tea at the same time, you will be overwhelmed by warm from body to spirit. Have you detected a little soft feeling linger in your heart?

A lot of people may have drunk green tea, oolong tea and black tea in daily life, but most of them have no idea about white tea at all. White tea is the most natural and unpretending one in all the teas in terms of the procedures and the flavor. Once I drank white tea with a French girl, we were both caught in the same pleasant feeling: it was like the cloud is flying slowly over our heads after we tasted it, so peaceful; at the meantime, you can smell the light fragrance of flowers. No matter you are happy or sad, white tea will always bring you the inner calmness as a peaceful angel does!

Only some people are aware of white tea, yet I think even less people hear about yellow tea. Actually yellow tea is quite similar to green tea except that there is one more procedure in yellow tea production which makes yellow tea much softer and smoother.

Last but not least, let's share something about the black tea. Chinese black tea is said to be the only antique that can be drunk. Savoring black tea is just like experiencing one's life. You never know what it will give you next like you never know what will happen next in your life because it is always changing in terms of flavor, fragrance, and color, etc. When black tea ages, it becomes smoother, softer, less sharper and less temper. It is the same case with different people with different personalities. Same as the black tea does, we will have continuous changes in our lives!

In a word, I enjoy drinking varied teas in different times, seasons and atmospheres with respective reflections in my heart.

作者:广西大学通讯员 黄阳

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