Homeland and Dreamland(原创)



Referring to the abundance of natural resource and history heritage in Sichuan, my hometown boasts the reputation as "The Land of Abundance". Honored and delighted, I am willing to be a guide right here.

If there is some place richly endowed with scenic spots, it must be marvellous Sichuan. Right here, you may easily get access to many famous and beautiful places. Jiuzhaigou, a fairyland-like area credited with ancient and mysterious scenery, distinguishes itself with the crystal-clear water blazing with colors—emerald green, dark blue, reddish purple, ect. The pool under the shade of trees holds not the water, but a rainbow-like dream, the shimmering waves of which are always lingering in my heart. Adding to Sichuan's breath-taken beauty, the clouds sea winding around the summit of Mount Emeishan , the world-famous Leshan Giant Buddha -- an enormous statue which is wide enough for more than 100 people to sit between its feet., as well as our national treasure—giant panda, have become the symbols of my homeland, Sichuan.

Leshan Giant Buddha

If there is a birth place glorified for talents, it must be profound Sichuan. Li Bai poetically started his life-long journey here, following by Du Fu who enjoys equal frame , and Shu Dongpo, Chen Zi'ang …The countless number contributed to our long splendid BaShu culture, and besides, as a young student, it is really fortunate to be exposed to the wisdom of Zhuge Kongming, the spirit of Comrade Den Xiaoping, intention of Ba Jin.

If there is an area clung with all great delicacies, it is still renowned Sichuan. As one of the four major branches in China, time-honored Sichuan Cuisines base on a wide range of seasonings changing, and besides, the dished are varied – from the refreshing taste to a spicy one, especially famous for its hot pot. It goes without that as a Sichuan girl with a strong inclination for spicy food, I was called "spicy girl" The first day I introduced myself to my classmates in college.

On the other hand, besides historical all these relics and beautiful scenery spots, my hometown even plays an essential role in the military development of our country. The city Xichang, a space base, has seen many successful launches of satellite. Furthermore, on behalf of the high-tech development area in Western China – my birthplace Mianyang, is also the birthplace of atomic and hydrogen bombs, where unexpectedly you can touch these nuclear weapons in person.

A gorgeous dreamland indeed, isn't it? And what a pleasure it is, to welcome all guys to my homeland – your dreamland.

作者:中山大学通讯员 陈萌


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