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China Daily Video News April 25
[ 2008-04-25 20:23 ]



Last batch of Olympics tickets on sale

The final round for the domestic sale of Olympics tickets begins on May 5 and ends June 9.

There are 1.38 million tickets available in 244 events in 16 sports, including athletics, boxing, basketball and football.

Cut in stamp duty to stimulate market

On Thursday the stamp tax on share trading was cut to 0.1 percent from 0.3 percent to stimulate the fragile stock market.

As a result, Chinese stocks on Thursday skyrocketed 9.29 percent, the biggest rise since 2001.

Woman makes Indy racing history

Danica Patrick became the first female winner in IndyCar history last Sunday at the Indy Japan 300.

The 26-year-old won after the top contenders were forced to pit for fuel in the final laps.

Clinton clinches Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton is still a contender in the Democratic leadership race after a decisive win in Pennsylvania.

She won 55 percent of the state vote, but Barack Obama is still in the lead with more delegate votes.

Chinese red hot in Snooker Championships

Liang Wenbo stunned former world champion Ken Doherty with a 10-5 win in the biggest upset of the 2008 World Snooker Championships so far.

Ding Junhui edged out Hong Kong’s Marco Fu in a dramatic win to get into the second round


UN: Food crisis threatens 100m

The United Nations says the higher cost of food will threaten to plunge 100 million people into hunger.

The UN’s World Food Programme says this is the biggest challenge in its 45-year history.

Riots in poor Asian and African countries have followed steep rises in food prices caused by many factors – costlier fuel, bad weather, rising disposable incomes boosting demand and growing crops for biofuel.

Typhoon Neoguri hits South China

Three people were confirmed dead from mudflows and strong winds of Typhoon Neoguri in Guangdong Province.

Rescuers were able to find 18 Chinese fishermen, but 18 are still missing along with 22 Vietnmanese fishermen.

Neoguri landed in Wenchang city on Hainan Island on Friday night. It later weakened and became a tropical storm after landing again in Yangjiang city, Guangdong on Saturday afternoon.

Economic losses are estimated at around 96 million yuan.

French Senate President meets Jin Jing

On Monday, French Senate President Christian Poncelet met with disabled Chinese torchbearer Jin Jing in Shanghai.

He gave her a letter of invitation from French President Nicolas Sarkozy to visit France again after a Tibetan separatist tried to grab the torch from her in Paris.

Sarkozy praised Jin for her bravery and invited her back to France “as a friend of the French people”.

Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Sarkozy’s adviser Jean-David Levitte also visited China.

Actress Zhou Xun to promote green living in China

The United Nations Development Programme is looking to the stars to help save the environment.

The UNDP appointed Chinese actress Zhou Xun as its first National Goodwill Ambassador to promote environmental sustainability and help the country fight climate change.

Zhou will use her celebrity status to raise awareness of green issues among the Chinese public and advocate simple, effective lifestyle changes to reduce carbon footprints and live an environmentally sustainable life.

News on lighter note:

Olympic Torch relay update

The Olympic torch is now in Nagano, Japan. Yesterday it was in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Tens of thousands of overseas Chinese turned out waving Chinese national flags.

Earlier, the torch was in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Auto China 2008 show in Beijing

Car industry executives forecast another boom year in China, with sales in the world’s No 2 car market rising and production ramping up to take advantage of low costs.

Top domestic and foreign carmakers showed off their latest models at the show.

World marks Earth Day

Around the world people celebrated Earth Day, by shutting off electricity, planting trees and cleaning up garbage.

In China, this year’s theme was, “Be kind to the earth by starting with simple things”.

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China Daily Video News April 25

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China Daily Video News April 25

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