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新加坡发起全民洗手运动 防止疾病传播
Singapore urges public to pass the soap
[ 2009-04-29 09:09 ]

 新加坡发起全民洗手运动 防止疾病传播 A medical staff member wearing a protective mask stands in an assessment area for patients with symptoms of respiratory illnesses at a hospital in Singapore April 27, 2009. Countries around the world have moved to contain the spread of a possible pandemic after a new swine flu outbreak killed 103 people in Mexico. Twenty cases have been identified in the United States and six in Canada, with no deaths reported.


Singapore, one of cleanest nations in Southeast Asia, launched on Monday a campaign to teach people how to wash their hands properly to help curb the spread of disease.

The campaign was planned before governments around the world moved to contain the spread of the swine flu virus, which has so far killed 103 people in Mexico, and spread to the United States and possibly as far as New Zealand.

Leading public hospital Tan Tock Seng kicked off the "CSI" or clean, safe, infection-free campaign with a lucky draw that gives thorough hand-washers the chance to win a sports car, a plasma TV or shopping vouchers.

"Good hand hygiene is crucial in stemming the spread of infections and there is no reason why the public should not learn the seven steps to hand washing practiced by medical professionals," said Chng Hiok Hee, a doctor at the hospital and the head of the two-month-long campaign.

The seven handwashing steps include interlacing your fingers and rubbing your hands together, rubbing your thumbs and wrists, and rubbing your fingertips on your palms, to clean all areas.

Like other nations in Asia, Singapore, which was hit hard by the 2003 SARS respiratory virus epidemic, is on alert for swine flu, stepping up precautionary measures by putting thermal scanners at its airport to check the temperatures of travelers.

Influenza can spread from coughs or sneezes, but an increasing body of evidence shows little particles of virus can linger on tabletops, telephones and other surfaces and be transferred via the fingers to the mouth, nose or eyes.

Little can be done to prevent an outbreak of flu from spreading, health experts caution, but they say common sense measures can help individuals protect themselves and the number one action is handwashing.






该活动将为期两个月,该医院负责该活动的Chng Hiok He医生说:“良好的手部卫生对于预防病毒传播十分关键,公众没有理由不去学习医学专业人士所遵行的七步洗手法。”






墨西哥猪流感+地震 祸不单行

猪流感 swine flu







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