The heat is on as records tumble [2008-08-11]
Sailors to slug it out [2008-08-11]
Word Wise: Scalper 黄牛党 [2008-08-11]
The wedding banquet scalper,婚宴黄牛党,they have to pay a deposit of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan to reserve a wedding banquet space, if they are unable to sell the space later, that money is gone.
Chen Xiexia won 1st gold for China [2008-08-10]
China's Chen Xiexia won the women's 48kg weightlifting title, the first gold medal for the host at the Beijing Olympic Games here on Saturday.
Spectacular shows at opening ceremony [2008-08-09]
The Beijing Olympic Games opened Friday night and the spectacular displays awed the audience at the Bird's Nest.
Viewers overwhelmed by opening ceremony [2008-08-09]
Viewers overwhelmed by Olympic opening ceremony
Grand event, great China [2008-08-09]
Foreigners expressed how they impressed with the spectacular event last night at the National Stadium, and extend congratulations to the Beijing Olympics.
China Daily Video News August 8 2008 [2008-08-08]
Word Wise: Fuwa 福娃 [2008-08-08]

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