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小测验 — 和 “山” 有关的英语词汇



不同的地理环境造就了形状风格迥然不同的 “山 mountains”。有些山脉沟壑纵横,有的山峰则高耸入云。我国数座名山亦享有 “三山五岳” 的美称。

每年的12月11日是用来庆祝山地风光和文化的 “世界国际山岳日 International Mountain Day”。你知道怎样用英语正确地表达 “山峰、山谷” 吗?做《英语小测验》,学习和 “山” 有关的词汇。

1. Which of these words does not mean the top of a mountain?

a) summit

b) peak

c) pinnacle

d) zenith

2. What do we call a low area of land between mountains?

a) a cliff

b) a mountain pass

c) a valley

d) a ravine

3. When a large area of snow falls from a mountain, it’s called a(n) ______.

a) earthquake

b) tsunami

c) avalanche

d) blizzard

4. What is the word for a large area of slow-moving ice that can form in mountain areas?

a) iceberg

b) crevasse

c) gorge

d) glacier

5. What do we call a person who does the activity of climbing high mountains?

a) hiker

b) scrambler

c) mountaineer

d) trekker

6. The top of Mount Qomolangma is at a(n) ______ of 8,848m.

a) altitude

b) tallest

c) high

d) range


1) d, 2) c, 3) c, 4) d, 5) c, 6) a.

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