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小测验 — 包含 earth、world、ground、floor 的习语表达

习语表达是英语语言的重要组成部分。单独来说,像 “earth(土地)”、“world(世界)”、  “ground(地面)”、“floor(地板)” 这类单词本义很容易理解,但当它们与不同的单词组合在一起形成习语或成语时,它们的意思就会变得非常不同。

包含 “earth”、“world”、“ground” 和 “floor” 这几个词的习语表达有很多。你知道几个?来试试下面这个测验!

1. The horse wasn’t favoured to win the race, but in the end _______ the other horses and won!

a) wiped the earth with

b) wiped the world with

c) wiped the ground with

d) wiped the floor with

2. I didn’t study much at all for my exams, so now I’ve got a lot of _______ to make up.

a) floor

b) ground

c) earth

d) world

3. My mum’s new business has really _______ and is making a lot of money.

a) got off the ground

b) got off the floor

c) got off the earth

d) got off the world

4. My sister has just had a beautiful baby boy, and of course, she _______

a) thinks the ground of him.

b) thinks the world of him.

c) thinks the earth of him.

d) thinks the floor of him.

5. The company directors each _______ to give their financial forecasts for the year ahead.

a) took the floor

b) took the ground

c) took the earth

d) took the world

6. I’d love to buy a great work of art, but they _______. I’ll never have that kind of money.

a) cost the world

b) cost the floor

c) cost the ground

d) cost the earth

7. She can’t be serious about marrying him. _______ does she think she is doing?

a) What on ground

b) What on floor

c) What on earth

d) What on world

8. The food in that Korean restaurant is delicious. It’s_______

a) out of this earth.

b) out of this floor.

c) out of this ground.

d) out of this world.


1) d, 2) b, 3) a, 4) b, 5) a, 6) d, 7) c, 8) d. 


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