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The spirit of giving and sharing 圣诞节:奉献与分享 2009-12-24
Thankfully, there is always the goodness in all of us; all we have to do is make use of it this Christmas and through out the years to come.  
Merry Christmas 圣诞炫词炫语 2009-12-23
“圣诞节 Christmas”原是“基督弥撒 Christmass”的缩写。传说记载,12月25日是耶稣的生日,在这一天,世界各地的天主教会都要举行弥撒纪念耶稣的生日  
Christmas history 圣诞节追根溯源 2008-12-23
Some legends claim that the Christian "Christmas" celebration was invented to compete against the pagan celebrations of December.  
The story for the Christmas season 圣诞故事 2008-12-23
Most people know that the simple meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God in the Christian religion.  
圣诞祝福:给上司 2009-12-23
圣诞祝福:给同事 2009-12-23
圣诞祝福:给长辈和老师 2009-12-23
圣诞祝福:给恋人和朋友 2009-12-23
France´s Christmas tradition of 13 desserts法国圣诞大餐 2008-12-23
Christmas dinner in France is bound to be a culinary delight regardless of individual preference or budget.  
Culture: Christmas parties 文化:圣诞聚会 2008-12-11
But the worst story must surely come from Stuart Vaines, who got so drunk he dunked his boss’s head down the toilet. Unsurprisingly, he was fired the very next day.  

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