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All I want for Christmas is you 2012-12-24
All I want for Christmas is you是Mariah Carey和Walter Afanasieff于1994年为Mariah Carey个人第一张圣诞专辑Merry Christmas创作的第一支单曲。  
奥巴马夫妇圣诞致辞 2009-12-28
For the first time in a weekly address, the President is joined by the First Lady as they celebrate Christmas.  
英国女王2009圣诞致辞 2009-12-28
2009 was a difficult year for many, in particular those facing the continuing effects of the economic downturn.  
经典回放:White Christmas 2008-12-23
Bing Crosby对美国流行音乐的影响不容忽视,也被称为“低音抒情圣诞歌王”。美国人的圣诞节基本都是听着他的歌渡过的。  
All I want for Christmas is you 2008-12-23
这首歌曲来自于Maria Carey 1994年推出的首张圣诞专辑,有着浓厚的灵魂唱腔。曲风轻快活泼,把欢乐的节日气氛推向高潮。  
Santa Claus is coming to town 2008-12-23
Love actually《真爱至上》 2008-12-23
If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling love actually is all around.  

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