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推进两国关系 to boost relations between the two countries

把中日关系纳入到一个长期、健康、稳定发展的轨道 to place the Sino-Japanese bilateral relations on a long-term, health and stable development track

完善交流机制 to improve the mechanism of exchanges

东海问题 the East China Sea issue

就某个问题达成共识 to reach consensus on an issue

本着冷静、公正、客观、科学的态度开展协作调查 to conduct coordinated investigation in a cool-headed, fair, objective and scientific manner

中日两国食品安全合作的长效机制 a long-term China-Japan food safety cooperation mechanism


致力于与非洲国家发展新型战略伙伴关系 committed to a new strategic partnership with African countries

真诚友好、平等相待、相互支持、共同发展 sincerity, friendship, equality, mutual support, and common development

将他们的资源优势化为发展优势to translate their advantages in resources into advantages in development

把潜在的优势变为现实的优势 to translate the potential advantages into real advantages

温室气体排放和气候变化 greenhouse gas emission and climate change

占据道义的制高点 to take on moral high ground

不能只讲总量不讲人均,不能只讲当前不看历史,不能只讲生产不讲消费 to look at not only the aggregate, but also per capita figures, not only the present but also the history, not only production but also consumption

巴厘路线图 the Bali Road Map


西藏是中国的一部分 Tibet is an inalienable part of China

达赖问题 The Dalai Lama issue

达赖企图分裂中国的图谋 the Dalai Lama's conspiracy to split Tibet from China

第七届亚欧首脑会议 The Seventh Asia Europe Meeting

进一步加强亚欧在国际问题上的协作,深化双方经贸领域合作 to further improve the cooperation between Asia and Europe in international affairs as well as in economy and trade

推进各种不同文明之间的对话 to promote the dialogue among different civilizations


中国在执行死刑制度的时候是十分谨慎的,采取了非常认真、负责的态度 China's position on death penalty is very prudent, serious and responsible

收回死刑的核准权 to take back the power of reviewing death penalty


战略协作伙伴关系 strategic partnership of cooperation

《中俄睦邻友好合作条约》 Sino-Russian Good-Neighborly Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation

进一步加强高层交流机制 to further boost high-level contacts and exchanges

加大在对方核心利益上的彼此支持 to enhance support for each other, particularly on issues concerning each other's core interests

进一步推进经贸合作to expand trade and economic cooperation

扩大人文交流 to enhance exchanges in humanistic sectors

“俄语年” "year of Russian language"

“汉语年” "year of Chinese language"


把奥运会政治化 to politicize the Olympics

抹黑中国 to tarnish the image of China

非政治化是《奥林匹克宪章》所规定的 Non-politicization has been provided for in the Olympic Charter

体育强国 a world sports power

体育大国 a major sports country

打破世界纪录 to break a world record

采取一系列有力措施 to take a full range of effective measures


今后五年,国际形势将会变得更加复杂,其中有积极的因素,也有消极的因素。 The international situation will become more complex in next five years with both positive and negative factors.

化挑战为机遇,变机遇为现实 to meet challenges and translate them into opportunities, and opportunities into reality

全面合作伙伴关系 comprehensive and cooperative partnership

朝鲜半岛核问题 Korean Peninsula nuclear issue

实现半岛无核化 to realize Korean Peninsula denuclearization

保持半岛的和平稳定 to maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula

实现东北亚的和谐 to achieve harmony in northeast Asia

进一步扩大双方在经贸、科技、文化、教育、卫生等各个领域的合作 to deepen cooperation in science and technology, culture, education and health sectors

加强在国际和地区事务上的沟通、协调和合作 to step up coordination in international and regional affairs

符合两国人民根本利益 in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples

推进六方会谈 to push forward the six-party talks


中国愿意在平等和相互尊重的基础上同美国进行人权对话 China is ready to hold human rights dialogue with the US side on the basis of equality and mutual respect

坚决反对固守“冷战”思维 be strongly opposed to the practices of clinging to the Cold War mentality

以意识形态划线 to draw lines according to ideology

在人权问题上搞对抗、搞双重标准 to launch confrontation and exercise double standards on human rights issues

利用人权问题干涉中国内政 to interfere in China's domestic affairs in the name of human rights


经济全球化 economic globalization

外资企业 foreign companies

中外合资企业 Sino-foreign joint ventures

货物贸易顺差 surplus in commodity trade

服务贸易顺差 surplus in service trade

贸易逆差 trade deficit

贸易顺差 trade surplus




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