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英国人的New Fashion Icon——Alexa Chung

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Alexa Chung是英国当红it girl,拥有一半中国血统的Alexa Chung是英国当红电视节目主持人,也是目前最炙手可热的时尚偶像,她那带点中性味道的聪明女孩形象对设计师和普通人都具有强大杀伤力。更奇妙的是,她的酷似乎主要来自于她的平凡。

英国人的New Fashion Icon——Alexa Chung

李殊 选 尘然 注

As we all know, Britain is the home of the quirky “It” girls.[1] Currently, Alexa Chung fits the bill with her unique style, waifish beauty and, of course, her rocker boyfriend.[2]

Alexa Chung, born November 5, 1983, is a British model and television presenter.

Alexa Chung started her career modelling at the age of 16.

Chung abandoned the industry at the age of 20, disillusioned with the effect that it had on her own self-esteem and body image[3].

Not only does she consistently top high profile best-dressed lists, but Alexa has become a regular on the London party circuit. The stylish starlet has also become a familiar front-row face, regularly taking in the shows during fashion month.

Fashion Focus

Alexa Chung has moved on from the model she once was, becoming a fully fledged style icon and trend setter.[4] She’s become a popular face at fashion events, most notably Chanel, which she also chooses to wear on a regular basis, and she’s also not afraid to experiment.

At the Chanel SS2010 show in March this year Alexa opted for clogs, which instantly hit the highstreet after fashionistas fell in love with the footwear.[5] She also braved the double denim look showing us how easy it is to follow the trend without looking like you’re stuck in the 80s.[6]

And it doesn’t end there. Back in April eBay said it saw a rise in all Alexa’s fashion trends after the March edition of Vogue, ran a piece listing the starlet’s style. Dungarees, which Alexa wore with just a necklace, saw sales increase by 75 per cent in the days after the issue went on sale—and denim shorts, of which Alexa admitted she owned 10 pairs, saw sales jump 277 per cent on the auction site almost overnight.[7]

But Alexa’s style is often born out of her eccentric sense and she often shuns “popular” styles for her trends.[8] In the past this has included Tux’s and crochet frocks.[9]

Her style

Alexa Chung’s style is truly original[10]. She mixes designer fashion with vintage pieces and always accessorizes with a chic handbag—the end result is pure fashion eye-candy.[11]

英国人的New Fashion Icon——Alexa Chung

Her words

She has dismissed[12] the notion of being an It girl, saying “there’s not much to being an It girl. It’s really quite a depressing[13] title to hold”.


1. quirky: 离奇的, 古怪的;It: 这里指名流圈,物质女孩,或者时尚女生;

2. fit the bill: 满足要求,适合需要;waifish: 瘦弱的,极苗条,且看似衣衫褴褛但时尚的;rocker: 摇滚乐歌手。

3. abandon: 放弃,抛弃;disillusion: 使幻想破灭,醒悟;self-esteem: 自尊。

4. fledge: 成熟的;icon: 偶像,象征。

5. opt: 选择;clog: 有木跟的鞋子;highstreet: 主要街道;fashionistas: 用来讽刺疯狂追求时髦与流行的人。

6. denim: 粗斜纹布;be stuck in: 被困,被定义。

7. dungarees: 粗蓝斜纹布制成的工作服;overnight: 一夜之间。

8. eccentric: 古怪的, 异乎寻常的;shun: 避开,避免。

9. Tux: 男士无尾半正式晚礼服;crochet: 钩针织物;frock: 连衫裙;女上装。

10. original: 有独创性的。

11. vintage: 古典的,优质的;accessorizes: 配饰,装饰;chic: 别致的,时髦的;eye-candy: 华而不实。

12. dismiss: 不接受,拒绝考虑。

13. depressing: 令人沮丧的。