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In Kenyan prison, good grades are path to freedom

2014-11-21 10:53
Eighteen people in central Kenya are taking the country's secondary education test, called the KCSE.

Structure your essay in five paragraph essay format

2014-11-21 10:53
Many students say there is no easy way to write college papers.

Progress made in fight against Ebola

2014-11-20 09:41
International health officials say the number of new Ebola cases in West Africa is falling.

Surgery safaris: Looking for the perfect body

2014-11-20 09:41
Many people these days are going as far as South Africa to get their version of perfection.

French citizen is likely among militants in beheading video

2014-11-19 10:19
A French official says there is a strong likelihood that a French citizen was among the Islamic militants who executed an American aid worker.

US medical supplies donated overseas

2014-11-19 10:19
American hospitals and medical centers are left with thousands of kilograms of medical supplies that never get used.

Obama Could Act This Week on Immigration Reform

2014-11-18 11:21
For years, Congress has debated the issue but failed to pass an immigration reform bill that could be signed into law.

China Opens Shanghai Stock Market to Hong Kong

2014-11-18 11:19
Investors in Hong Kong and Shanghai may now invest in a limited group of securities on either city's stock exchange.

Robot Takes Cues from Deadly Rattlesnakes

2014-11-17 15:36

Five years ago, the Mars Rover Spirit got stuck in sand on the red planet. Spirit is one of the American space agency's two motorized vehicles on Mars.

South Korea Attempting to Reuse More E-Waste

2014-11-17 15:33
South Korea is dealing with increasing amounts of waste from electronic devices. These useless or unwanted parts are often called "e-waste."

Royal baby christening breaks with tradition

2013-10-28 16:00
Prince George, the son of William and Kate, is being christened in Britain on Wednesday. In a break from tradition, the christening of the world's most famous baby will be as low key as possible.

Outdoor Movies Gain Popularity in US

2013-08-08 12:52
A huge inflatable screen is being erected in a park in downtown Rosslyn, Virginia, a busy suburb outside of Washington.


2013-08-08 12:52
Everyone knows there are many English expressions about clothes. There is no need to keep it a secret, or keep it under your hat.

Words and Their Stories - We Put Things in "Apple Pie Order"

2013-08-06 14:55
Today we tell about the expression “apple pie order.” It means “in perfect order, very well organized.”

Obama Administration Focused on Terror Threat

2013-08-06 14:55
U.S. embassies and consulates are closed across the Muslim world, including in Egypt, where American citizens are taking precautions.

G8 Leaders Meet on Economy

2013-06-17 15:56
Leaders from eight of the world’s leading industrialized countries meet in Britain next week for their G8 annual summit on the economy and world affairs.

Effort Under Way to Expand US Parks, Playgrounds

2013-06-17 15:56
Public parks are important to urban life, but green spaces and play areas are rare in many cities. Many organizations and volunteers are trying to change that.

Words and Their Stories: Money Talks

2013-06-17 15:40
People often say that money talks. They mean that a person with a lot of money can say how he or she wants things done.

We Visit An Automobile Show in China

2013-06-17 15:40
Today on the program, we go to an automobile show in China, a country where car sales have risen 13 percent from a year ago…

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