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The social progress index

2013-04-26 10:27
Today, we hear about a different way to measure economic growth, the Social Progress Index.

A truly amazing story

2013-04-26 10:27
Today we talk about your health. We will advise about eating less of one thing, but more of another.

Automakers capitalizing on Chinese appetite for larger, luxury cars

2013-04-26 10:12
Bring an auto show to Shanghai, China, and people are sure to come -- tens of thousands of potential car buyers from the world's largest auto market.

Thanks to volunteers, elderly can age in place

2013-04-26 10:12
Phyllis Ramberg, 85, lives alone in Hyattsville, Maryland, in the same house her parents lived in for many decades.

Vitamins are important to good health

2013-04-25 09:59
When they work together, chemical reactions take place smoothly. Body systems are kept in balance.

Words and their stories: Nicknames for Los Angeles

2013-04-25 09:59
Los Angeles, California is the second largest city in population, after New York City. Los Angeles has several nicknames.

Comic convention brings superheroes, super fans

2013-04-25 09:57
Recently one such convention was held in Washington and drew thousands of visitors.

President Obama look-alike performs at Washington events

2013-04-25 09:57
In the Washington area, Larry Graves, who closely resembles President Barack Obama, entertains people at conferences and other events as an Obama look-alike.

Detroit government retirees struggle to keep benefits

2013-04-18 14:43
Don Taylor spent 26 years of his life as a police officer in Detroit, the city where he was born and raised. It was a dangerous job, but one he is fond of.

Pioneering soil researcher wins top environment prize

2013-04-18 14:43
Biologist Diana Wall went to the ends of the earth - the seemingly lifeless Antarctic desert - to study the life in soil.

Protesters join funeral of former British Prime Minister

2013-04-18 10:07
As the funeral procession made its way to the cathedral, opponents of Thatcher lined the route...

Community organizer fights blight in Detroit

2013-04-18 10:07
If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit is John George’s gold mine.

Exhibit at Berlin Jewish Museum Stokes Debate

2013-04-17 09:51
The exhibit at Berlin’s Jewish museum seeks to answer frequently asked questions about Jews.

Global economic prospects improve but recovery is 'bumpy' for some

2013-04-17 09:51
The rise of emerging economies, a stagnant Europe and the plight of the world's poor takes center stage.

Springtime in D.C.

2013-04-17 09:41
It is here at last: the Washington D.C. spring, when America’s capital bursts into color.

Scientists use satellites to identify groundwater losses in the Middle East

2013-04-17 09:41
Today we tell about a study of groundwater losses in the Middle East.

Venezuelans vote for Chavez successor

2013-04-16 10:57
Maria Ortega said she voted for Maduro because that is what President Chavez wanted.

Spectacular cherry blossoms in Maryland lure visitors

2013-04-16 10:57
The blooms are at peak, and so are the number of tourists who come to gaze at them.

Some of the world’ s richest countries need to take better care of their children

2013-04-16 10:47
Today we tell about a study showing some of the world’s richest countries need to take better care of their children.

The growing threat from extremist groups to European nations

2013-04-16 10:47
Today, we tell about the struggle facing Iraq and other countries to care for the thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria…

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