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Women play increasingly vital role in peace missions

2013-03-07 10:52
Female peacekeepers are playing a vital role in the United Nations unit that patrols the area.

In the garden: Growing beets

2013-03-07 10:51
Beets with circles of red and white inside are known as candy cane or candy stripe beets.

Doctors say most heart disease is preventable

2013-03-07 10:41
Coronary heart disease is the number one killer, worldwide, of men and women over the age of 60.

When collecting things becomes a problem

2013-03-07 10:41
Today we tell about Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome. It is both a mental disorder and an issue of public safety.

Gay documentary makes inroads in Turkey

2013-03-06 13:34
Director Can Candan hopes the film will help challenge traditional attitudes towards LGBT people.

HIV cure raises hope

2013-03-06 13:34
Tim Brown is one of only two people ever to be considered cured of HIV infection.

Words and their Stories: The Grapevine

2013-03-06 13:27
That is so because reports received through the grapevine are supposed to be secret. The information is all hush hush.

What is the relationship between age and happiness?

2013-03-06 13:27
Are people less happy or more happy the older they get? If you answered more happy, then you were right, based on a study in 2008.

In India,fighting TB with fingerprints

2013-02-27 15:45
New Delhi resident Vishnu Maya has already noticed a difference in her health after a few weeks of treatment for the disease.

Google 'Doodles' reflect company's culture of innovation

2013-02-27 15:22
These artistic renderings of the Google logo may bring more users to its homepage.

A new cancer study from the World Health Organization

2013-02-27 15:22
Today, Steve Ember tells us about a new cancer study from the World Health Organization.

Words and their stories: A chip on your shoulder

2013-02-27 15:03
Some popular expressions are a mystery. No one is sure how they developed. One of these is the expression, carry a chip on your shoulder.

'Jack and the Beanstalk,' told with food-related slang

2013-02-22 09:13
This week on WORDMASTER: Our theme is food, or more precisely, slang having to do with food.

New York City restaurant culture

2013-02-22 09:13
That's right! And on today's program, we are going to take you to the Big Apple...New York City.

Brain researchers uncover secrets of memory

2013-02-22 09:02
Researchers at the two schools found that separate areas of the brain coordinate much like little radio stations.

New treatments emerging for Parkinson's disease

2013-02-22 09:02
There's currently no such test for Parkinson's, but at Northwestern University, researchers think they might have found a way to slow its progression.

Words and idioms: Put one's best foot forward

2013-02-21 09:59
Put one's best foot forward就是努力给别人留下一个非常好的第一印象。

How art and society connect

2013-02-21 09:59
This week on our program, we talk about how art and society connect.

Fighting fire with fire

2013-02-21 09:58
In African savannahs, or grasslands, wildfires can either be destructive or beneficial. It all depends on when those fires occur.

Pentagon braces for automatic cuts

2013-02-21 09:58
The sequester reductions come on top of a 10-year program of cuts - totaling nearly $500 billion - which were announced earlier but have not yet begun.

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