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Rubber ducks are associated with bath time and are also collected by a small number of enthusiasts. Photo: BBC


A 16m-high rubber duck has attracted crowds of visitors as it travels around the world. Sydney, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam and Hong Kong are among the cities where the giant yellow bird created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has been taken since it started its journey in 2007.



短语 ducks in a row 的意思是把事情组织的一丝不紊或井井有条,这是个美式英语表达。


With the recession looming, the government has to get its ducks in a row and invest in job creation.

The company's owner has given his managers a few days to get their ducks in a row. If they don't improve their performance he'll fire them.


如果某人被形容为 a sitting duck 意思就是此人易受攻击,坐以待毙。

The platoon ended up behind enemy lines. With no reinforcements from Central Command they were sitting ducks.

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