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The freshmen’s new journey

College freshmen take part in military training at Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi'an city, Shaanxi province, on Aug 23, 2018. [Photo/IC]


As the summer heat wave mellows down into the cold autumn winds. The evening whispers gentle breezes for the changing of the season and gives all the green leaves a turning point into a colorful expression of fall. Everyone benefits from the enjoyment throughout the daytime to gaze at the beauty of nature. That makes the surrounding view extraordinarily pleasant.

Across the motherland learners embrace a new outset of life before them. All the universities open a fresh renew start for the incoming students, marked by the posted display of red banners welcoming statements. For those who have never walked through halls of the college departments, this new experience has always been a cycle of life for numerous Chinese citizens. Some will choose to stay near their hometown to study, while others will travel into the distant cities. Wherever they go, their lives unfold the mystery of what one will eventually encounter as part of the campus culture.

As the day is closer, countless suggestions are made by those who love them. Safety is the first priority comfort of guidance by their parents. Friends make their last shared moment of memories. With the essential items packaged to bring, everything seems on the right path. Lastly perhaps a photo image with loved ones partakes the special occasion that’s approaching. Yet everything well prepared awaits the learners.

On the way you go, heading to your destination. You face the uncertainty of it all. Yet there’s a sense of readiness for a new beginning. As you face the opened main entrance of the university; the education you previously gained doesn’t hold as nearly of what your heart beats to comprehend and of what you are going to confront, but continues to question your mind after uncountable hours of thoughts, “What new knowledge I will receive in those days ahead of me?”
You settle well into your dormitory and meet your classmates for the first time with a little gesture of good spirit, knowing that the class will begin tomorrow. You immediately want to rest for tiredness as the hours of unpacking has finally caught up to you. And you couldn’t disburden any more.

The next day the sunlight explodes a bright morning and awakes you into this wonderful day. As you walk among many busy pacers of schoolmates, you finally break through the crowd into your classroom. Talkers continue to exchange verbally and no instructor has yet appeared. Because you are quite early and ready, you anxiously await the arrival of your professor.

In the distance, sounds of the walking momentum gain volume as you hear from near the classroom door. He has arrived at the entry of the doorway and walks in. All noises quickly shift into a silent mode. As learners become still, many eyes distinctly focus on the instructor. Your professor sets an impression that he gracefully smiles and motions his first signal. This is where your next page of life begins. Welcome to university life. The yearly freshmen!



Luke Shen-Tien Chi is a Chinese American spokenologist at Shenyang Normal University and Tsinghua University Press textbook author of Spokenology: You and Me.
Luke Shen-Tien Chi是沈阳师范大学华裔美国口语学家,清华大学出版社教科书《口语学:你和我》的作者。