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Oxford University, one of the world's oldest and most sophisticated institutions of higher learning, has asked this question this year: Would you like to be a vampire or a zombie? The question was a surprise to many Britons, and the Times called it the most frightening test in the world, and the Guardian called it the most difficult.


Vampires and zombies are two strange creatures from Western folklore that have become the protagonists of fiction, movies and video games in recent years, and are increasingly known in popular culture around the world. The problem at All Souls College of the University of Oxford is also an old one. The performance of old traditional universities in keeping pace with the times.




Martin Bellam, the Guardian's senior cultural correspondent, joked about the benefits of vampires: Have you ever seen an ugly vampire? It's not clear whether fashionistas are the only ones who become vampires or whether being a vampire makes you fashionable, but vampires look cool anyway. One of the drawbacks of being a vampire, he says, is that being immortal sounds fun, but it's not fun until you watch all your loved ones grow old and die in front of you. Of course, unless you make them all vampires, they can be with you forever and ever, and that puts a lot of pressure on you to choose who you want to establish such a permanent relationship with.


As for zombies, Bellam wrote: Vampires are solitary, but zombies are packed, so it's a better choice, and Zombies feed on their brains, which are completely delicious and healthy, an important Omega 3 fatty acid full of DHA. Of course, when zombies have the disadvantage of never being sexy and always emit a rotten, rotten meat smell, it's usually considered disgusting.




Does Google know us better than ourselves?


No one can play Shakespeare?


Should sugar be taxed?


There are also more traditional questions such as "Does music stop suddenly at Brahms" and the annual ethical question "Is all life valuable"?


The College of All Souls itself is remarkable. Unlike other colleges, the College of All Souls does not admit undergraduates. People who pass the exam automatically become academicians of the College, and the exam is unusually well-known. It's called the most difficult test.


But in fact, good grades are not enough, even if you want to get into Oxford and Cambridge. Both universities have an interview, and often ask weird questions that don't have the right answers to test students' intellectual and ideological sensitivity. Many exceptionally good students often fail.



Does the incubator think? Are snail conscious? (Oxford Experimental Psychology)


This is a bark. Please say something about it. (Oxford - Bioscience)


If God is omnipotent, can he create a stone that he can not lift? (Oxford - Ancient Greek and ancient Rome)


Do you want to be a novel or a poem? (Oxford - English)


How do you measure the weight of your head? (Cambridge - Medical)


Is the husband's habit of smearing lemonade on his eggs at breakfast enough to justify divorce if his wife has repeatedly expressed her disgust? (Cambridge - Law)


Is the chair in front of you really there? (Cambridge - Philosophy)




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