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钢铁侠是金牛座?外媒推测出的漫威英雄星座,你服不服? Which 'Avengers' character you are, based on your zodiac sign

中国日报网 2019-04-29 08:51




Each "Avengers" character has values that seem to align with each zodiac sign. Marvel Studios



Captain Marvel is very passionate. Marvel

A confident leader who is passionate about following her heart and doing the right thing, Captain Marvel is the epitome of what an Aries truly is.


Captain Marvel doesn't let anyone — or anything — stand in her way. And, like a typical fire sign, this Avenger never backs down from a challenge.


epitome[ɪ'pɪtəmi]: n. 缩影;摘要;象征;典型

back down: 放弃;让步



He's known for his wit. Marvel

Like those under the bull sign, Iron Man is known for his wit and intelligence. He is also known for his stubbornness in love and life in general.


Tony Stark enjoys the finer things in life — he is not afraid to splurge on a suit of armor or cliffside mansion. Although he can sometimes be difficult to work with, his dependable and persistent nature makes him a valuable asset to the Avengers team.


splurge[splɝdʒ]: v. 挥霍



Loki. Disney/Marvel screencap

Thor's adopted younger brother is charming, fast-thinking, and sharp. Never one to turn from a verbal parry, Loki made Marvel audiences fall in love with him. Loki is the most Gemini person to ever Gemini, and has his eye on an ever-changing prize.




Peter Park is eager, just like Cancers. Marvel Studios

Peter Parker is a tenacious young New Yorker with spider-like abilities and a Cancer-like eagerness to prove himself as a valuable member of the Avengers squad.


Although Spider-Man has a hard time fitting in with the kids in his high school, he is fiercely loyal to the people who are kindest to him. He can sometimes be a little impulsive, but his gentle nature and can-do attitude prove he's worthy of being an honorary water sign.


tenacious[tə'neʃəs]: adj. 顽强的;坚韧的;固执的

can-do['kændu:]: adj. 乐观进取的;肯苦干的



Captain America is quite a leader. Marvel

Just like Leo signs, Captain America is a leader through and through. Marked by bravery and loyalty, Captain America's dedication to his team makes him an honorary fire sign.


through and through: 完全,彻底;彻头彻尾地



Doctor Strange pays great attention to details, just like Virgos. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Known for their systematic approach to life and its various challenges, ever-logical Virgos are quite similar to the incredible Doctor Strange.


As one of the most powerful sorcerers in the MCU, Doctor Strange has the Virgo-esque ability to create world-saving strategies within a matter of seconds.


With a knack for the smaller details, Virgos and Doctor Strange are meticulous to the point of destruction.


meticulous[mə'tɪkjələs]: adj. 一丝不苟的;小心翼翼的;拘泥小节的



Ant-Man is quite charming. Disney/Marvel

Libras are known for their ability to charm and schmooze those around them and, not unlike Ant-Man, their ability to navigate even the most awkward of social situations is one of their greatest strengths.


schmooze[ʃmuz]: vi. 闲谈;拍马屁,扯关系



Like Black Widow, Scorpios don't like to be told they cannot do something. Marvel / Paramount

Just like this misunderstood zodiac sign, Natasha Romanoff is incredibly adept at hiding her feelings. Like a Scorpio, this super spy is patient, always waiting for the right time to put her game-winning strategies into place.


adept[ə'dɛpt]: adj. 熟练的;擅长…的



Star-Lord also appeared in "Guardians of the Galaxy." Marvel/Disney

Sagittarius signs are known for their wanderlust and desire to traverse the world (or universe, if you will) seeking adventure.


They are quite like Star-Lord, perhaps one of the most well-traveled Avengers out there. Like those under this sign, he is no stranger to thrill-seeking.


Similar to those under this fire sign, Star-Lord is known for his unparalleled humor and quick wit. Plus, like the Archer, Star-Lord is no stranger to adaptability.


wanderlust['wɑndɚlʌst]: n. 流浪癖;漫游癖;旅游热



Thor is determined. Marvel Studios

People under the Capricorn sign are known for their fortitude and determination to reach their goals, not unlike Thor.


Although Capricorns (and Thor) may sometimes seem cold or distant, they are actually known for being kind people with complex emotions.


fortitude['fɔːtɪtjuːd]: n. 刚毅;不屈不挠;勇气



Black Panther is focused on the well-being of others. Marvel/Disney

Aquarians are known for their revolutionary thinking and this hero is as well, which is seen in how he ushered in a new reign in Wakanda with his progressive, global-focused mindset.


Like this air sign, Black Panther is a free spirit that thrives on the latest technological advances. He is also very compassionate.


air sign: 风象星座



The Scarlet Witch has a deep intuition. Marvel Studios

Like Pisces, Scarlet Witch is emotionally understanding, and possesses a deep intuition regarding the true nature of those around her.


Like the sensitive water sign, Scarlet Witch can sometimes let her emotions overwhelm her.


Pisces are also known for their escapism and active imagination. Wanda herself has the ability to alter reality and create life-like illusions, which is probably the most Pisces superpower there can be.


escapism[ɪ'skepɪzəm]: n. 逃避现实,空想;逃避主义




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