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China Daily 2019-05-25 09:00


Here are some of the most common regrets people in their 40s feel, with insight from experts in finance, wellness, psychology.

Worried too much

"When you reach 40, you realize that most of the stress and worry of your youth never panned out," says David Bennett, a certified counselor, relationship expert and co-author of seven self-help books.

"That girl or guy who rejected you? That one job that didn't work out? The bill that didn't get paid on time? The class you got a C in? Those weren't worth the hours and days of worry."



While worrying too much can be a regret, when it comes to lending, it is wise to exercise a bit of caution. Lending too much money or to the wrong person is a regret that is likely to bite you as you get older.
虽然过于焦虑可能会让你后悔,但在借钱方面,谨慎行事是明智之举。 借出去太多钱或者借给错误的人是一种遗憾。随着年龄增长,这种习惯可能会真正地伤害到你。

"Lending people money is a pretty obvious risk," says Alayna Pehrson, who oversees financial blogs on credit repair and identity theft for BestCompany.com. "The person you lend money to may never repay you may pay you back later than expected or may keep asking you to lend them money over and over again."
“借钱出去是很有风险的,” 在BestCompany.com负责监管金融博客的信用修复和身份盗刷的阿莱娜•皮尔逊称。“借钱的人可能永远都不会还钱,也能可能在很久以后才还钱,还有可能一次又一次找你借钱。”


Ignoring your credit score

It's easy to forget about your credit score as it doesn't have a major impact on your day-to-day life — until you're trying to make a big financial move like buying a car or home or even applying for a credit card, and it becomes clear that you should have given it more thought.


Going out to eat too much

A nice meal out is one of life's great joys, but when it becomes a daily habit, it not only makes it less special, but will fritter away your savings on forgettable, transitory things. Holly Weidman, a personal finance expert, points out that Americans spent $745.61 billion on food and drinks at restaurants in 2015.

"This is, of course, taking away from other interests and most people wish they could travel more," she says. "So, consider whether you could cut out some meals out to save towards your dream vacation or maybe try meal planning like we did. We have saved over $4,500 a year just by using a meal planning system that works."

Not spending time with friends and family

"Chasing money in our 20s and 30s can lead to grief build up in our 40s as we spend more time reflecting and contemplating on the past," according to The Om Couple, self-improvement experts.
“在20多岁和30多岁时只顾着挣钱,可能会导致我们40多岁时有点悲伤。因为我们40多岁时,花了更多时间去反思和思考过去,” 自我改善专家The Om Couple表示。

"We can't get back our time, and this lifetime is not a rehearsal. Spend time, not money."

Not building connections with extended family

Failing to deepen connections to extended family members is something many people do as they are so busy with everything else in their lives — until we realize it's too late.

"Our nephews and nieces are suddenly all grown up, our grandparents passed away and our parents are beginning to forget things," says Milana Perepyolkina, author of Gypsy Energy Secret. "If we kept the connection strong in our 30s, we would find a bigger circle of people who love and care about us in our 40s."

Not learning another language

"People in their 40s have more time and money to travel," Perepyolkina points out. "It would be nice to chat with a local shaman in Peru in Spanish or order a dessert in Paris in French."
“40多岁的人有更多的时间和金钱去享受旅程,” 佩雷奥尔基纳指出。“用西班牙语与秘鲁当地萨满聊天,或者用法语在巴黎订一份甜点,多好。”


Not reading more

Reading can nourish your mind and have long-term benefits, but many people do less or stop doing altogether once they are out of college.

Letting your mind drift into another world or learning a new subject keeps your mind active.

Worrying about what people think

"People realize they've spent so much time prior to their 40s worrying what people think and people pleasing instead of being authentically themselves," add The Om Couple.
“人们意识到他们在40多岁之前,花了很多时间来担心别人的想法,取悦他人,而不是真正地做自己,”The Om Couple说。

By the time you're in your 40s, you realize that the opinions of others don't have much relevance to your long-term life satisfaction and letting this shape your life decisions is a big mistake.


Source: bestlifeonline
Editor: Zhang Xi
Intern: Zhong Wenxing



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