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小测验 — 易混动词 “bring” 和 “take”

动词 “bring” 和 “take” 都可以用来描述移动某人或某物的动作,但两个词语所描述的移动方向是不同的,一个是 “带来”,一个是 “带走”。动词 “bring” 指 “把人或事物带到一个人那里或另一个地方去”。动词 “take” 指 “把人或事物从一个人那里或从一个地方带走”。根据下列八道题所描述的场景,选出正确的动词。做测验题,看看你是否掌握了区分动词 “bring” 和 "take" 的方法。

1. I will _______ the book you said you wanted to borrow.

a) brought

b) bring

c) took

d) take

2. Sebastian and I got lost in the forest. Luckily, Sebastian _______ with him a map of the forest.

a) brought

b) had taken

c) took

d) had brought

3. A: How did you get to work this morning?
B: There were big traffic jams, so I _______ my bicycle.

a) take

b) had taken

c) brought

d) had brought

4. You promised you _______ me on holiday this year, so where are we going?

a) would bring

b) bring

c) take

d) would take

5. When are you going to _______ your fiancé to our house for lunch.

a) bringing

b) taking

c) bring

d) take

6. A: It’s a ten hour flight. He’s going to be so bored!
B: He _______ his sodoku puzzles, so that’ll keep him occupied.

a) has been taking

b) has taken

c) bring

d) has been bringing

7. Which of these sentences is correct?

a) Let’s order a taxi to take us to the hotel.

b) Shall I take some pizza when I come to your party on Saturday?

c) My dad is bringing me to the airport tomorrow.

d) When you go to Greece, remember to bring some suntan lotion with you.

8. Which of these sentences is NOT correct?

a) My sister went to Paris and brought me back this cool dress.

b) Bring your car to the garage at 2pm, and we’ll be happy to have a look at it for you.

c) Is there any chance of you taking Joseph to school tomorrow?

d) Could you take me some fresh herbs from your garden?


1) b, 2) d, 3) c, 4) d, 5) c, 6) b, 7) a, 8) d.

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