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小测验 — 包含 look、sound、feel 的英语表达

习语表达是英语语言的重要组成部分。单独来看,像 “look(看)”、“sound(听)”、 “feel(感觉)” 这类词语的本义很容易理解,但当它们与不同的单词组合在一起形成习语或成语时,意思就会变得非常不同。

包含 “look”、“sound”、“feel” 这三个词语的习语表达有很多。你知道几个?来试试下面这个测验!

1. I love _______ movies. They make me feel so relaxed about life after watching them.

a) feel-nice

b) feel-well

c) feel-happy

d) feel-good

2. When I walked in the room, she stared at me for a while, then gave me a really _______

a) mean look.

b) rain look.

c) cloudy look.

d) muddy look.

3. He was always _______ about the lack of funding for the school drama project. Eventually they gave him the money.

a) sounding out

b) sounding up

c) sounding on

d) sounding off

4. Some people are confused by _______ because they think they really are the famous person they resemble.

a) lookouts

b) lookalikes

c) lookers

d) onlookers

5. I’m not sure whether I’m going to take that job offer. I have _______ about my future there.

a) fixed feelings

b) assorted feelings

c) combined feelings

d) mixed feelings

6. I don’t believe much this new CEO says. She uses repetitive _______ to gain people’s confidence.

a) soundbites

b) soundclips

c) soundgrabs

d) soundtracks

7. I love listening to film _______ because they remind me of my favourite parts of films.

a) soundgrabs

b) soundtracks

c) soundplays

d) soundstudios

8. I really _______ my mother. She helps anyone whenever she can.

a) look into

b) look out for

c) look up to

d) look up


1) d, 2) a, 3) d, 4) b, 5) d, 6) a, 7) b, 8) c.

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