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“做” 运动:play, do, go 该用哪个?



你喜欢做运动吗?在汉语里,描述做一种运动,通常会在运动名称前配上不同的动词,比如:“打篮球”、“踢足球”、“打网球”。在英语里,动词 “play、do” 和 “go” 可以与不同的运动项目搭配,表示 “做” 这个动作。这三个词应该和哪些运动搭配使用?“一分钟英语” 帮你总结这三个动词与运动名称的搭配规则。



Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English. Today, I'm going to tell you how we use play, do and go with different sports.

So, for team sports or ball games, we use play. So I can say: I play football. I don't play tennis.

For more individual activities, we use do. So we can say: I do exercise. I don't do judo.

Then, for activities ending in –ING, we often use go. So I can say: I go running. Or: I don't go swimming.

Of course, there are some exceptions, but try to remember. Play for team sports or ball games. Do for individual activities and go for activities ending in –ING.


Play, do and go for sports

We use play for team sports or ball games. 
我们用动词 “play” 来谈论团体运动和球类运动。

play football.

don't play tennis.

Will we play hockey tomorrow?

We use do for more individual activities.
我们用动词 “do” 来谈论个人运动。

do exercise.

don't do judo.

Have you ever done aerobics?

We often use go for activities ending in -ING.
我们常在动词 “go” 的后面接以 -ing 结尾的运动。

go running.

don't go swimming.

would never go skydiving.

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