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Tourism trouble in Egypt 埃及旅游业因新冠肺炎疫情受创



Tourism trouble in Egypt 埃及旅游业因新冠肺炎疫情受创


有关 “economic problems(经济问题)” 的词汇


How many camels did Ashraf have before the coronavirus pandemic?


An historic clean up at the pyramids. For millennia, this world wonder has wowed visitors. But coronavirus killed off Egypt's tourism and with it, the livelihoods of millions. Like Ashraf - unable to feed his family, he kept his favourite camel, but had to sell two others.


“It has been tough on everyone,” he says. “I have no money. A camel’s food alone costs six dollars a day.”


The ancient attractions are now reopening, but they’re empty except for the occasional local visitor. It's a blow after tourism had just recovered from years of turmoil.


Guide Shahenda loves taking tourists around her country. Since the pandemic, she's lost a thousand holiday bookings. For now, she's only sightseeing with her husband.


Shahenda Adel, tour guide
We had to cancel flights, hotels, and that includes everyone who works in the hotel. The company itself and people behind desks - we all lost our jobs. And then you have drivers, you have cars, restaurants – all of these things are down.

莎亨达·阿戴尔     导游

The tourism minister's on a mission to bring back business and revive the economy, highlighting new hygiene and safety rules and showing how foreigners can now fly in to some beach resorts.


Khalid Al-Anany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities
We lost around one billion dollars per month and we are estimating that we will still lose a lot of money during the next coming weeks and months.

哈立德·阿纳尼     埃及旅游和文物部长    

Restoring tourism will take time. But Egypt's counting on the enduring allure of its rich pharaonic past. And for a star attraction, what could be more appropriate these days than a golden face mask?

恢复旅游业需要时间。但埃及希望能通过依赖它法老时代传承的持久魅力助其一臂之力。作为一个极具吸引力的景点,如今还有什么比一副 “金色面罩” 更合时宜的呢?


killed off 破坏了,扼杀了

a blow 一记重创

turmoil 动荡,混乱

on a mission 下决心做(某事)

counting on 依靠,指望


Ashraf had three camels before the coronavirus pandemic, but he had to sell two.



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