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Driverless cars to be on UK roads? 英国或将批准无人驾驶汽车上路



Driverless cars to be on UK roads? 英国或将批准无人驾驶汽车上路


有关 “driving(驾驶)” 的词汇


How many lives could be saved by using driverless cars within the next ten years?


Nasty conditions on the roads today, so would you hand over the control of your car to a computer?


Jon Kay, BBC reporter
So, hands-free.

乔恩·凯     BBC通讯员

At a private test track, with no other traffic, I tried out the technology as if I was on a motorway.


Woah! So, that is a very strange feeling, especially for a control freak like me, but the car is driving itself. And it’s following the lines. The lane that’s there – it’s swerving around. My temptation is to touch it, but I’m not. This is really very odd. I’ve never done anything like this before.


At the moment, cars like this tell you to put your hands back on the steering wheel after fifteen seconds. But ministers [politicians] want to know if the technology is now reliable enough to let drivers go hands-free for extended periods of time.


Edmund King, President, The AA
It could actually save lives. It's estimated within a decade this kind of technology could save almost 4,000 lives.

埃德蒙·金     英国汽车协会主席

The government will be consulting safety organisations and the industry, but what do drivers think?


Female driver
Yeah, I do trust the technology. I [have] used most of what’s been invented, but I don’t like that humans don’t have to keep an eye.


Male driver
I think it’s crazy to be fair, driverless cars – well, it’s madness.


Ministers are not yet talking about entirely driverless cars, but if the UK goes further down the hands-free route it could still mean big changes for the law and insurance.


Mathew Avery, Thatcham Research
The difference between you driving and you being liable, and the car driving and the car being liable is huge, and unless the car can drive as well as a competent human being, the car cannot be classed as being automated.

马修·埃弗里     英国萨彻姆研究中心(Thatcham Research)

Jon Kay, BBC reporter
I’m resisting the temptation to hold the steering wheel. Woah! OK, so there we go.

乔恩·凯     BBC通讯员

Back on the test track there’s a lot to get used to, and for ministers a lot to consider.


Driving will certainly be different in the future - the question is how fast do we want things to change?



test track 测试跑道,试车道

control freak 控制欲很强的人,爱指挥别人的人

swerving 突然改变方向,急转弯

liable 负有法律责任的

competent 有能力的,称职的


It is estimated within a decade, driverless technology could save almost 4,000 lives.



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