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>Thesis fraud in credit record
Postgraduate students who commit fraud in their graduation dissertations or theses will be recorded in the national social credit system, a new guideline said on Tuesday. The guideline, jointly issued by the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance, asked universities and research institutes to intensify their efforts to crack down on academic misconduct.
Academic integrity should be an important part of postgraduate education and training for supervisors, and dissertation writing guidance should be compulsory for all students, the guideline said.
Education authorities should increase the percentage of students going through random dissertation inspection, and should revoke the accreditation of disciplines that fail to ensure the quality of such works, it said.
It also asked universities and research institutes to impose stricter evaluation standards for supervisors, including their work ethic, academic performance and efforts in supervising students.

Photo taken by the rover Yutu 2 (Jade Rabbit-2) on Jan 11, 2019 shows the lander of the Chang'e 4 probe. [Photo/China National Space Administration]

>Lunar mission due by year's end
Chang'e 5, the next mission in China's lunar exploration program, will demonstrate and test the country's technological and engineering capabilities in space, according to a key figure in the project.
Yu Dengyun, deputy chief designer of China's lunar exploration program, said on Sunday that Chang'e 5 will be launched by a Long March 5 heavy-lift carrier rocket at the Wenchang Space Launch Center in South China’s Hainan province by the end of 2020.
China's current lunar program involves three phases: Orbiting, landing, and return. The first two phases have been completed successfully, Yu said.
The Chang'e-5 probe is expected to realize lunar sample collection, takeoff from the moon, rendezvous and docking in lunar orbit and high-speed reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, marking breakthroughs in China's aerospace history, Yu said.
According to Yu, China is conducting a further verification study for the research and development of a space station and manned lunar mission, and it plans to set up an unmanned lunar research station for manned landings on the moon.

A woman makes phone call on Times Square in New York, the United States, Sept 20, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua]

>200K Covid-19 deaths in US
When Dr Anthony Fauci predicted in March that COVID-19 could kill 200,000 people in the US, skeptics lambasted him and accused him of fear mongering.
But Fauci was right.
And the US reached that bleak milestone much earlier than some experts predicted.
Since the first known US COVID-19 death on Feb 6, an average of more than 858 people have died from the disease every day.
自2月6日美 国出现首例新冠肺炎死亡病例以来,平均每天有超过858人死于这一疾病。
COVID-19 is now the second-leading cause of death in the US, just after heart disease, according to the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.
Already, COVID-19 has killed more people in the US than Americans killed in battle during the five most recent wars combined. The loss of life is like suffering the effects of 109 Hurricane Katrinas. Or enduring the 9/11 attacks every day for 66 days.
美国因新冠肺炎死亡的人数,已经超 过了最近五次战争中美国死亡人数的总和,是卡特里娜飓风丧生人数的109倍,是9•11袭击丧生人数的66倍。
And researchers project almost 180,000 additional COVID-19 deaths by Jan 1.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
"Increasing mask use to 95 percent can save nearly 115,000 lives, reducing that expected number of deaths by 62.7 percent," the institute said.
健康指标与评估 研究所表示:"将戴口罩比例提高到95%,可以挽救11.5万人的生命,使预计死亡人数减少62.7%。"
And the same mask wearing, physical distancing and hand washing that protect against COVID-19 also can help avert a flu-and-coronavirus "twin-demic" that could overwhelm the health care system.
戴口罩、保持社交距离和勤洗手不仅可以预防新冠肺炎,也有助于避免流感和新冠病毒形成"孪生流行病","孪生流 行病"可能导致医疗体系不堪重负。

People wearing protective face masks pass a social distancing sign at Waterloo station, the busiest train station in the UK, during the morning rush hour, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in London, Britain, Sept 7, 2020. [Photo/Agencies]

>UK imposes tougher measures
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told people on Tuesday to work from home when possible and ordered bars and restaurants to shut earlier in a bid to tackle a fast-spreading second wave of COVID-19.
After government scientists warned that the death rate would soar without urgent action, Johnson said the new restrictions could last for six months, although he stopped short of imposing another full lockdown.
"I'm sorry to say that as in Spain and France and many other countries, we have reached a perilous turning point," Johnson told parliament following emergency meetings with ministers and leaders of the UK's devolved governments.
Just weeks after urging people to start returning to workplaces, Johnson advised office workers to stay at home if they could.
He ordered all pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality sites to close at 10 pm beginning Thursday with only table service allowed.
Face-masks will be required in more settings, businesses that break rules will be fined and there will be tougher enforcement against people who do not comply, he said.

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