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Extreme E: The new electric motorsports series 全新电动越野系列赛 Extreme E



Extreme E: The new electric motorsports series 全新电动越野系列赛 Extreme E


有关 “power(动力)” 的词汇


Where in the world will this new motorsports series be going to?


The cars are electric SUVs designed by the Formula 1 design guru Adrian Newey. They deliver 400 kilowatts – the equivalent of 550 brake horsepower. And they will be racing in some of the most extreme environments on Earth.


Sir Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 driver
[What] brought my attention to Extreme E is the great places that it is going to go to and raising awareness for the real climate issues. We’ve got some serious challenges up ahead of us. The direction we are going as a human race is not good, and yes there are potential changes – you know, the government saying that only electric cars – but that fixes… perhaps whilst that fixes one problem, another problem pops up. You know, I’m trying to learn as much as I can with EV technology, which I think Extreme E will help develop, but that I don’t think is the answer to the whole issue that we have.

刘易斯·汉密尔顿爵士     世界一级方程式锦标赛车手
“让我注意到 Extreme E 电动越野系列赛的是它绝佳的比赛地点,同时它还能引起人们对气候问题的重视。我们面临着一些严峻的挑战。人类前进的方向不乐观,虽然有潜在的变化,比如政府表示未来的道路上只有电动汽车,但这可能在解决一个问题的同时,又产生了新的问题。我在尽可能多的学习电动汽车技术,我认为 Extreme E 电动越野系列赛将有助于这项技术的发展,但我并不认为这是解决我们面临的整个问题的答案。”

The idea is to show just how powerful and fun electric vehicles can be, and to raise environmental awareness by racing them in places that have already been affected by climate issues.


The series will be going to Greenland, the Amazon, and the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Extreme E is also billing itself as the world’s first gender-equal motorsport platform: there’ll be four teams, each with two drivers: one male, one female.

这个系列赛将会前往格陵兰岛、亚马孙热带雨林和沙特阿拉伯的沙漠进行比赛。Extreme E 电动越野系列赛还标榜自己是世界上第一个性别平等的赛车运动平台:每场比赛将有四支车队,每支车队有两名车手,一男一女。

Cristina Gutiérrez, Extreme E driver
The acceleration is totally different; here [there] is more power than the petrol cars. Of course the sound is totally different. Here [There] is no sound. I think I prefer the electric car because I need to make a change, especially in these days because the climate change is near.

克里斯蒂娜·古铁雷兹     Extreme E 电动越野系列赛车手

All Extreme E freight and logistics will travel by sea in a refurbished Royal Mail ship – the RMS Saint Helena. And the series will generate some of the power it uses with portable solar panels. They’ll be used to create hydrogen, which, on race day, will be fed into a fuel cell like this to generate electricity, helping prove a low-carbon technology that will find applications around the world, say its designers.

Extreme E 电动越野系列赛的全部货物和物流将被海运到各地,运输工具是被翻新过的皇家邮政圣赫勒拿号客货轮(RMS Saint Helena)。赛事将通过便携式太阳能电池板产生其所需的部分电力。这些电力将被用来制造氢气,在比赛日,氢气被注入这样的燃料电池中来发电,设计者们表示,这有助于证明一种低碳技术将在世界各地得到应用。

So here is the question, does this series deliver on its climate-aware promise?


Justin Rowlatt, BBC Environment Correspondent
Well, there’s no doubt that Extreme E will create unnecessary emissions, but it will also showcase just how capable electric vehicles can be, and it’ll send another important message – that the low-carbon revolution doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

贾斯汀·罗拉特     BBC环境通讯员
“毫无疑问,Extreme E 电动越野系列赛将产生不必要的排放,但它也将展示电动汽车的性能有多么强大,并将传递另一个重要的信息:低碳革命不必枯燥乏味。”


horsepower 马力

acceleration 加速

generate 产生,发(电)

fuel cell 燃料电池

capable 有能力做…


The series will be going to Greenland, the Amazon, and the deserts of Saudi Arabia.




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