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The 100-year-old magic trick 经典魔术 “人体切割” 诞生一百年



The 100-year-old magic trick 经典魔术 “人体切割” 诞生一百年


有关 “magic(魔术)” 的词汇


Who created this 100-year-old magic trick?


Michael J. Fitch, who is just one of many magicians taking part in a global, online celebration of a magical moment.


Michael J. Fitch, Magician
Whenever anyone says, you know, you're a magician, the first line – we hear it every day – is “oh, can you saw my wife in half?” or yeah, “Can you saw my husband in half?” And it’s, it’s… for some reason that illusion has stuck in everybody's mind and captured their imagination.

迈克尔·J·菲奇     魔术师
“每当有人说:‘你是一个魔术师’,我们接下来总会听到这句玩笑话:‘那你能把我的妻子锯成两半吗? ’或者 ‘那你能把我的丈夫锯成两半吗?’ 不知为什么,那个幻象魔术在大家的脑海中根深蒂固,抓住了人们的想象力。”

And this is the man who created the illusion: P.T. Selbit. His real name was Percy Tibbles, but not everyone was impressed with his new trick.


Noel Britten, President of the Magic Circle  
It was performed for the first time on stage without an audience to a bunch of agents and bookers, and Neville Maskelyne, who was the owner of one of these - the owner of the very venue the illusion was performed in for the first time, dismissed it.

诺尔·布里顿     英国魔术圈协会(The Magic Circle)主席

And while this anniversary is a celebration of P.T. Selbit’s creation, it’s worth noting this is very much a two-person trick.

虽然这次周年纪念是为了庆祝 P·T·塞尔比特的魔术创作,但值得一提的是,这其实是个双人戏法。

David Sillito, BBC correspondent
Would I be right in saying that a lot of the work’s going on inside the box?

大卫·西利托      BBC通讯员

Helen Fitch, Magician
Of course, yeah. All the hard work goes on inside the box. Michael just has to stand there and put some blades in or knives in – he gets the easy part. Yeah, definitely!

海伦·菲奇     魔术师

Michael J. Fitch, Magician
That’s not true. It's magic. It's magic and it's all me – it’s magic.

迈克尔·J·菲奇     魔术师

David Sillito, BBC correspondent
So, is this another example of men doing all the talking, claiming all the glory, while the women do the work?

大卫·西利托      BBC通讯员

Helen Fitch, Magician
Yeah, it’s always the way, isn’t it? Always the way! It’s always the women who do the hard work. Yeah!

海伦·菲奇     魔术师

It is, then, a magical landmark. But a hundred years on, it is also perhaps a good time to think about exactly who is doing the magic.



moment 时刻

illusion 幻象

captured their imagination 抓住了他们的想象力

glory 功劳,荣耀

landmark 里程碑


P.T. Selbit created the 100-year-old trick. His real name was Percy Tibbles.



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