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Night walking in the UK 夜间行走的乐趣



Night walking in the UK 夜间行走的乐趣


有关 “darkness(黑暗)” 的词汇


Why are more people in the UK walking and running at night?


It has, for many of us, become a lockdown ritual. As darkness descends, instead of settling down, it's the moment to head out. Short winter days often mean the only time we can escape for exercise is after dark.


Caroline Whiteman is a passionate night walker.


Caroline Whiteman, night walker
Our hearing becomes more sensitive. My sense of smell is more acute, and you can really appreciate the air on your face in a way that during daylight hours, these things go unnoticed.

卡罗琳·怀特曼      夜间行走爱好者

With short winter days – and lockdown – walking and running in the dark has for many of us become a daily ritual.


David Sillito, BBC correspondent
So, it's much busier in the streets, isn't it, than it normally is?

大卫·西利托      BBC通讯员

Professor Loretta Lees, night walking convert
It certainly is!

洛蕾塔·李斯教授     夜间行走爱好者

I joined Professor Loretta Lees – her specialism: how life is changing in towns and cities.


David Sillito, BBC correspondent
Do you think there will be a positive benefit?

大卫·西利托      BBC通讯员

Professor Loretta Lees
I think it will change people's perceptions of safety in their own city, they'll realise that perhaps it's not as unsafe as they, you know, hitherto thought.


Thoughts also shared by Caroline, who feels this is a freedom we should consider more.


David Sillito, BBC correspondent
This does fly in the face of advice, especially for women, about not going out walking at night.

大卫·西利托      BBC通讯员

Caroline Whiteman
I agree. And I would challenge that and say that everybody should be entitled to have an experience and have an adventure by night, and that shouldn't just be the preserve of men. We've been conditioned as women to believe that we have no place out in the night, and yet when you can create a place of safety for yourself whilst night walking, it builds confidence.


It's different neighbourhood to neighbourhood. But for some of us, lockdown has made the dark a little less forbidding.



descends (幕色)降临

after dark 天黑以后

night walker 夜间行走的人

forbidding 可怕的,令人生畏的


Because the winter days are shorter and those working at home who want to exercise can only do it after dark.



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