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Africa’s endangered elephants 非洲象被列为濒危物种



Africa’s endangered elephants 非洲象被列为濒危物种


有关 “threats and warnings(威胁与警示)” 的词汇


Which type of elephant has now been put onto the critically endangered list?


The largest land animals on Earth. But their size has not protected them from the impacts of poaching or from the continued destruction of the vast swathes of interconnected habitat they need.


This latest Red List of Threatened Species – considered to be the comprehensive report on how nature is faring on an increasingly crowded planet – puts Africa’s savanna elephants into the endangered category.


Forest elephants are now even closer to extinction – critically endangered.


Across Africa there are now just over 400,000 wild elephants. And this latest examination of decades of census data and habitat surveys has shown the demand for ivory still drives the decline in their numbers.


The level of threat they faced had also been masked by the fact that the African elephant was previously thought to be a single species. This is the first time that savanna and forest elephant [have] been assessed separately.


Victoria Gill, BBC correspondant
What does it mean practically to have this information about their status? How do you use that to protect these animals and reverse these declines?

维多利亚·吉尔     BBC通讯员

Dr Isla Duporge, University of Oxford
While on the surface of it it looks bleak, the fact that it’s been flagged is actually positive, because then it means we can do something about it. And, separating the species, I think that’s also positive because it means we can do something about it on a more concentrated level.

艾拉·杜波什博士     英国牛津大学

The loss of species and natural spaces is happening all around the world. But conservationists are confident that this wake-up call could ensure that these giant icons of African wildlife get the protection and the space that they need.



poaching 偷猎,偷捕(动物)

destruction 破坏

faring 生存,过活

critically 极度地,严重地

wake-up call 警钟,警示


Africa’s forest elephants have been put onto the critically endangered list.



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