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Changing how we view the Universe 大型强子对撞机实验结果或改变宇宙认知



Changing how we view the Universe 大型强子对撞机实验结果或改变宇宙认知


有关 “scientific discovery(科学发现)” 的词汇


How long does the particle called 'a beauty quark' exist for?


The Large Hadron Collider was built to discover brand new particles – and transform our understanding of physics.


By crashing particles together harder than they'd been smashed before – the researchers there may have done just that.


They've observed subatomic particles behaving in a way that can’t be explained by the current theory of physics.


The scientists may have made one of the biggest discoveries in physics.


Dr Mitesh Patel, Imperial College
We were literally shaking. We, you know, were shaking like a leaf the first time we looked at these results because, if it does turn out to be real, it could really have profound consequences for physics in general.

米特什·帕特尔博士     英国帝国理工学院

The team have been creating a particle called 'a beauty quark'. It exists for only a fragment of a second, and then decays into two other particles – what it should do in equal numbers – but it doesn't, possibly because a mystery force is interrupting the process.

这个研究团队正在制造一种名叫 “美夸克”(又称为 “底夸克”)的粒子。它只存在远远不到一秒,就衰变成另外两种粒子,两种粒子的数量本应相等,但结果并非如此,这可能是因为一种神秘的力量阻断了这个过程。

Physicists can explain the world around us through the action of four fundamental forces – electricity, gravity and two nuclear forces.


But in recent times, these forces haven't been able to explain a few things, such as the movement of galaxies, or indeed why the Universe exists at all.


But this new finding is creating a lot of excitement because it contains hints that there might be a fifth force of nature that’s completely new to science.


If there is a fifth force, it could answer a lot of questions currently baffling astronomers.


Professor Chris Parkes, CERN
There are these big questions in physics that we don't have the answers to. And the hope would be, as the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) continues to make discoveries, maybe we could shed some light on those big questions of physics.

克里斯·帕克斯教授     欧洲核子研究组织(CERN)

These very early results aren't definitive yet – more data is needed – but they are generating a lot of excitement about the prospect of a giant leap forward in our understanding of the Universe.



profound consequences 深远的影响

hints 迹象,暗示

baffling 困扰,难住

shed some light on 对…有所启示,有助于理解…

giant leap forward 巨大的飞跃


It exists for only a fragment of a second.



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