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E-scooter rental trials 英国试行共享电动滑板车计划



E-scooter rental trials 英国试行共享电动滑板车计划


有关 “e-scooters(电动滑板车)” 的词汇


How many towns in the UK are already part of the government’s e-scooter rental trials?


Joyriders on rental e-scooters put themselves in danger – but they also put others at risk. They’re a threat to pedestrians and to other road users – and the scooters themselves get in the way. Elaine Maries knows the risks. She’s partially sighted and relies on Inca (her guide dog) to help guide her around town.


Elaine Maries, Pedestrian
I heard some screaming, and then the next thing I knew, I’d actually been hit by somebody that had come round the corner, gone straight into me ­­– I then lost my balance, ended up falling on Inca, bruised my elbow and my knee – which then meant, you know, you just don’t go out.

伊莲·马利斯       行人

The Department for Transport told the BBC the incident is a matter for the police. 31 towns are already part of the government’s e-scooter rental trials, with six London boroughs getting e-scooter rental schemes today.


The aim is to learn more about the risks and benefits of e-scooters, says the Department for Transport. It believes they can help reduce congestion and pollution, but wants to make them safer and to find ways to reduce bad behaviour.


Justin Rowlatt, BBC correspondent
So the government believes these things can encourage us all to leave our cars at home. The idea is they kind of extend the transport network, by giving us another way to get around. And the operators of the London scheme say many of the issues people have with e-scooters can be addressed.

贾斯汀·罗拉特       BBC通讯员

Alan Clarke, Director of Policy, Lime
We’re using designated parking areas, so when you finish your ride, you go to lock the scooter on your app, you go to press ‘end ride’ – if you’re outside of a parking zone, what we’ll do is actually show you within our app where the nearest appropriate parking location is and how you can get there.

艾伦·克拉克       Lime 公司政策总监
“我们设置了指定的停车区,当你完成骑行时,要在手机应用程序上锁好滑板车,然后按 “结束骑行”。如果你在停车区之外,我们就会在应用程序上显示最近的适当停车位在哪里,以及怎样到达那里。”

Some environmental campaigners are saying now private e-scooters should be legalised too.


Hirra Khan Adeogun, Climate charity, Possible
The research shows that private e-scooters are what really get people out of their cars. Because they own them, they’re not leaving them around.

希拉·汗·阿迪奥根       气候慈善机构 Possible

So, if you hate e-scooters, be warned – the chances are you will be seeing more of them in our towns and cities in the years to come.



joyriders 为了兜风而快速骑行的人

threat 威胁

congestion 交通拥堵

network 网络

legalised (被)合法化


31 towns are already part of the government’s e-scooter rental trials.



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