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App-controlled cows help protect dunes “遥控牛” 保护沙丘生态平衡



App-controlled cows help protect dunes “遥控牛” 保护沙丘生态平衡


有关 “cow(牛)” 的词汇


What happens to the cows if they ignore the audible warning?


These Lincoln Red cattle are highly efficient grazers – devouring grasses, shrubs and bushes with unrivalled enthusiasm.


The collars they are wearing allow for the remote control of where they graze.


Owen Beaumont, Natural England
On the map here, we’ve got a satellite map and we can see the pasture that we’ve drawn on, so that...

欧文·博蒙特       英格兰自然署(Natural England)

And, like so many things nowadays, there’s an app to help with the job.


Owen Beaumont, Natural England
When they get to the boundary, they get this audible warning – so they kind of know to walk back into the main herd. If they do carry on through those audible warnings, they’ll get a really small pulse – just a fraction of what an electric fence would be.

欧文·博蒙特       英格兰自然署(Natural England)

This nature reserve is dominated by its dunes – the flower and insect life here is unique but it’s also under threat. The cattle have a key role to play in removing unwanted vegetation.


These dunes need to be grazed if they are to survive. And, of course, conservationists could just put fences everywhere to direct the cattle. But that doesn’t give them the precision and control of a GPS collar.


And what about those who will have concerns about using this electric pulse on cattle?


Owen Beaumont, Natural England
Cattle have been checked out by vets, so we had a vet there when we fitted the collars, and they’ve been studied elsewhere as well, and found to have no impact really on the cows.

欧文·博蒙特       英格兰自然署(Natural England)

The technology is on trial here – a first for a UK nature reserve – and if successful, we’ll be seeing many more ‘remote control cattle’ playing a key role in conservation.

该技术正在这里试行,这是英国自然保护区的首次试验,如果成功,我们将看到更多的 “遥控牛” 在保护生态环境方面发挥关键作用。


cattle (家养的)牛

grazer 吃草的动物

pasture 牧场,牧草地

herd (动物)群

vets 兽医


They get a small electric pulse from their collar.



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