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‘Foyeco’ – The Togolese stove 多哥节能炉灶变废为宝



‘Foyeco’ – The Togolese stove 多哥节能炉灶变废为宝


有关 “waste(废料)” 的词汇


Why is the ‘Foyeco’ better for people’s health?


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s a motto this Togolese inventor lives by – as he heads to the market to collect discarded coal waste.


Edouard Akakpo-Lado has invented a cooking stove that can run on the coal scraps and residue usually thrown out onto the street.


Edouard Akakpo-Lado, ‘Foyeco’ inventor
It’s got a small fan on the side that blows air onto the coal scraps, which activates the fire and keeps it burning. You don’t need to buy charcoal, because it uses recycled coal scraps, and you prepare food much faster – because it reduces your cooking time by half.

爱德华·阿卡普-拉多       ‘Foyeco’ 发明者

In Africa, 70% of people cook on open fires using charcoal or wood fuel. Edouard’s invention could be a real game-changer, especially for restaurant owners.

在非洲,有70% 的人用明火烧木炭或木料做饭。爱德华的发明可能会给人们的生活带来巨大的改变,对餐馆老板们来说,尤其如此。

Amegadze Anastasie, Restaurant owner
I started using ‘Foyeco’ five years ago. Before, we used charcoal and had to fan the flames by hand. It was really slow. It meant that one of our cooks was always busy keeping the fire going. Now the ‘Foyeco’ is different and saves us a lot of money.

阿梅盖杰·安纳斯塔兹       餐馆老板
“我五年前开始用 Foyeco 做饭。以前,我们用木炭,必须手拿扇子扇火,特别慢,而且意味着总得有一名厨师忙着让火一直燃烧。现在有了 Foyeco 就不一样了,为我们省了很多钱。”

It’s good for business and it’s better for health as well. This new stove generates less smoke than traditional models. Breathing these toxic fumes can cause a variety of issues, including emphysema and lung cancer. The WHO (World Health Organisation) even estimates that they kill twice as many people as malaria globally.

Foyeco 不仅对生意有好处,而且对健康的害处也少一点。这种新炉灶产生的烟比传统炉灶少。吸入这些有毒的烟雾会引起各类问题,包括肺气肿和肺癌。据世界卫生组织估计,全球死于这类疾病的人数甚至是死于疟疾人数的两倍。

Having more fuel-efficient stoves can also help fight climate change. It’s estimated that 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from burning coal and firewood.


Edouard Akakpo-Lado, 'Foyeco' inventor
You are basically cooking for free while protecting the environment. You’re saving both time and money.

爱德华·阿卡普-拉多       ‘Foyeco’ 发明者

Unless renewable alternatives become more affordable – firewood and coal are likely to remain the dominant source of energy for many households on the continent. But until then inventors like Edouard show that simple ideas can make a big difference.



discarded 废弃的

scraps 废屑,碎片

residue 残渣

toxic 有毒的

fuel-efficient 节能高效的


The ‘Foyeco’ is better for people’s health as it produces less smoke.



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