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chinadaily.com.cn 2021-08-23 10:40


>Metabolism tanks after 60

Middle-aged spread cannot be blamed on a waning metabolism, according to an unprecedented analysis of the body's energy use.

The study, of 6,400 people, from eight days old up to age 95, in 29 countries, suggests that metabolism remains "rock solid" throughout mid-life.

It peaks at the age of one, is stable from 20 to 60, and then inexorably declines.

And it "cannot be a coincidence" that diseases of old age kicked in as metabolism fell.

Prof Tom Sanders, from King's College London, said: "Interestingly, they found very little differences in total energy expenditure between early adult life and middle age - a time when most adults in developed countries put on weight. These findings would support the view that the obesity epidemic is fueled by excess food energy intake and not a decline in energy expenditure."




>Calorie creep leads to weight gain

While we all know that the general calorie limit we should stick to is 2,000 a day for women and 2,500 for men, it's easy to exceed this without realizing.

Overeating by even just 50 to 100 calories regularly - whatever the source - can lead to weight gain.

As long as you are exceeding the daily calorie limit, it can lead to calorie creep.

In principle, every extra 3,500 calories you eat equates to a weight gain of 1 lb.

For example, one apple provides an excess of 95 calories. An extra apple a day makes you gain 10 lbs a year!


[Photo/China Youth Daily]


>Golden mummies debut in Beijing

An exhibition on ancient Egyptian culture opened at World Art Museum in Beijing on Aug 15. A total of 107 sets of rare archaeological antiques from ancient Egypt were on display, among which six golden mummies debuted together for the first time in China. The six golden mummies date back to the first century under the reign of Greek-Roman governance.
8月15日,"遇见古埃及 黄金木乃伊"展在北京的中华世纪坛开展,107件古埃及稀世藏品亮相,其中,6具黄金木乃伊是首次在我国大规模展出,它们来自约公元1世纪左右古希腊和古罗马统治时期的埃及。

Eleven Fayum mummy portraits with a history of nearly 2,000 years were also on exhibit. Each portrait was made of hot wax and pigment.

The exhibits also include 12 painted mummy masks, 18 Hellenistic statues, sculptures and stone tablets, 25 pieces of pottery and jewelry used by ancient Egyptian aristocracy, and 33 glass containers and some Papyrus documents.

The exhibition is set to conclude on Nov 15.


Palace staff member walks thorugh the Rose Garden at The Garden of Buckingham Palace, during a preview day before it opens to the public, in London, Britain, July 8, 2021. [Photo/Agencies]


>Buckingham Palace Gardens branded 'rip off'

Visitors to Buckingham Palace now have the opportunity to explore the Queen's private garden, as the Queen has opened up the palace gardens to the public for the very first time.

In April, self-guided tour tickets around the palace gardens went on sale, initially attracting "overwhelming" demand. For £16.50 per adult or £42 for a family of up to three children, they promised a chance to enjoy the "beauty and calm of this walled oasis".

However, the gardens received a number of damning reviews on TripAdvisor, with some customers complaining about how much was available.

A number noted you had to pay an extra £6.50 for a tour of the rose garden and wildflower meadow, and this needed to be arranged in advance.

One disappointed visitor wrote: "This small fragment of the park that you have access to is easily walkable around in 10 minutes and nothing is interesting to see there."

A second added: "Beware of this complete rip-off!"


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