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Climate change: Islands at risk 气候变化:英国尤伊斯特群岛处境堪忧



Climate change: Islands at risk 气候变化:英国尤伊斯特群岛处境堪忧


有关 “climate change(气候变化)” 的词汇


What kind of weather are these islands exposed to?


On the edge of the Atlantic, islands which in parts seem as much water as they are land. Experts say the Uists [in the UK] are on the front line of climate change… and some of those who call this home are already adapting to their shifting landscape.


Donald MacPhee, crofter
We seem to be getting a lot more rain – very unpredictable, whereas back in my father’s days you could guarantee that you’d have plenty of dry weather in August, September. But now it’s very unpredictable.

唐纳德·麦克菲       家庭小农场主

And that’s not the only challenge facing these islands which are so exposed to wet and stormy weather.


Professor Stewart Angus, Coastal Ecologist, NatureScot
A lot of the land actually lies below the level of the sea for much of the tidal cycle. Secondly, you have rising sea levels. Thirdly, you have rising rainfall in winter. And you have the difficulty in a very low-lying environment of getting rid of that water.

斯图尔特·安格斯教授       自然苏格兰(NatureScot)海岸生态学家

The airport here provides a lifeline service to islanders. A million pounds has been spent on the latest work to protect the runway, which ends just metres from the shore.


Lorna Gordon, BBC Scotland correspondent
This low-lying watery landscape is vulnerable to changes in our climate – with predictions that the sea level here could rise by as much as half a metre over the next few decades.

洛娜·戈登       BBC驻苏格兰通讯员

At the islands’ arts centre, a visual reminder of what the long-term effects could be.


Andy Mackinnon, Taigh Chearsabhagh Arts Centre
So, the line represents a nominal level that the sea will rise to. I hope that it does make people think about what we’re doing.

安迪·戈登       Taigh Chearsabhagh 艺术中心

And from the children here, out taking care of their local beach, messages in English and Gaelic of their hopes and fears are being sent to the climate summit in Glasgow.


Stop sea levels rising. We could be under the water soon.


These small islands, hoping for big commitments from world leaders to mitigate the worst that climate change might bring.



front line 前线,第一线

unpredictable 变幻莫测的

challenge 挑战,困难

vulnerable 易受影响的,脆弱的

mitigate 减轻,缓和(危害)


These islands are exposed to wet and stormy weather.



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