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Walrus counting 利用卫星图像统计海象数量



Walrus counting 利用卫星图像统计海象数量


有关 “walrus(海象)” 的词汇


How many images of walruses have been put onto the WWF UK website?


Huge, blubbery and a bit grumpy. Walruses are easy enough to spot. But thanks to their remote Arctic location, they're hard to count, and we don't know how many of these giant beasts there are.


Now, using satellite images, the plan is to locate every Atlantic and Laptev Sea Walrus, and scientists say this is essential, because climate change means these animals are under threat. 


Peter Fretwell, British Antarctic Survey
The sea ice on which they live most of the year is rapidly diminishing and they are having to change their behaviour and come out onto land much more often. That's almost certainly got some detrimental effect on them, but we're not sure how much their population is being affected by that. Hopefully, this project will tell us that important information.

彼得·弗雷特韦尔       英国南极调查局

Rebecca Morelle, BBC correspondent
We've been taking images of the Earth from space for more than 60 years, but our view has changed dramatically. In the 1980s, satellites could only see objects 30 metres in size, but they quickly improved and a few years later, they could see features ten metres across. 

丽贝卡·莫雷尔       BBC通讯员

Today, though, the most advanced imaging satellites can see details down to just 30 centimetres. And this has transformed our view of the natural world.


Even at that resolution, counting walruses is still a challenge. So the scouts in East Molesey have been drafted in to help. The first job, scouring through a search area of 25,000 square kilometres, to find any images that have a walrus in.


It's quite hard because there is like, rusty barrels and rocks that look really similar.


It's kind of a challenge as well because they're all hidden, and you have to try and search for them.


But the project is going to need a lot more people to help with the count. 


Rod Downie, Chief Polar Advisor WWF
We've loaded up more than 600,000 images onto the 'walrus from space' platform, which you can access through the WWF UK website, and we're calling on at least half a million people to help us search for and then count walrus on the platform. 

罗德·唐尼       世界自然基金会首席极地顾问
“我们已经向 ‘太空观测海象’ 平台上传了60多万张图像,你可以通过世界自然基金会的英国网站访问,我们希望能号召至少50万人来帮我们在这个平台上寻找并统计海象。”

The future is uncertain for this icon of the Arctic. Their icy home is changing faster than anywhere else on the planet. But now with satellite technology and the help of the public, we should finally find out how many walruses there are, and see how they fare in the years to come.



blubbery 胖嘟嘟的

grumpy 性情乖戾的

beasts (大型野生)动物

scouring 认真寻找

icon 象征物


More than 600,000 images have been loaded onto the 'walrus from space' platform.



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