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3D female anatomy model used to better treat women 新3D女性解剖模型帮助更好地诊疗女性



New 3D female anatomy model used to better treat women 新3D女性解剖模型帮助更好地诊疗女性


The female anatomy, in all its minute and precise detail – something that's been largely missing from medical textbooks and teaching over the centuries.


"Just this angle here in females is much wider than we would see in males."


At Brighton and Sussex Medical School, first-year students are being taught using this new 3D-female anatomy tool.


"So, next, we're going to add on the breast tissue."


The male body has been the default reference image for medical textbooks.


Several studies suggest women are more likely to be misdiagnosed than men for a range of conditions.


Professor Claire Smith, Head of Anatomy, Brighton and Sussex Medical School
"Previously, the teaching of anatomy has always been based on the male form, and then the differences in females added on, as an almost strange kind of adjunct. So it wasn't providing that really accurate information at students' fingertips, which they need, not only when they're learning but when they're doctors in practice."

克莱尔·史密斯教授       英国布莱顿和萨塞克斯医学院解剖学系主任

These students have yet to study on actual patients.


But the hope is, by having both female and male anatomies in exquisite detail, it'll help prepare them for medicine in the real world.


Yasmin Tyson, medical student
"It makes a huge difference because women aren't just the sort of 'small men' that medical textbooks usually make them out to be. We can see the full differences rather than just putting some anatomical aspects of a female onto a male pelvis. We can see an actual female pelvis and the acute differences."

雅丝敏·泰森       医学院学生
“这给我们的学习带来了大大的好处,因为女性不仅仅是医学教科书中常描述的 ‘小号男人’。我们可以看到男女解剖结构之间的全部差异,而不仅仅是将女性的某些解剖学元素放到男性骨盆上。有了这个模型,我们可以看到女性骨盆和男女骨盆的巨大差异。”

It's a far cry from anatomical images of centuries past, which often relied on dissected bodies of male criminals.


"And it's much wider in females than it is in males."


The developers say the female 3D anatomy is the most detailed ever produced and is already being used in over 350 universities.





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