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Amateur artist goes viral for fore-edge painting 英国业余艺术家创作精美书口画



Amateur artist goes viral for fore-edge painting 英国业余艺术家创作精美书口画


Meet 22-year-old amateur artist Maisie Matilda.


She taught herself fore-edge painting, where a scene is painted on the edges of book pages.


The art form dates back to the 10th Century.


Maisie Matilda, Amateur artist
"I posted a video in the evening that I did of me painting this fore-edge painting. I just did it for fun and then I got up really early for work the next morning when I was a carer, and my phone started pinging loads.

梅茜·玛蒂尔达       业余艺术家

And I checked it and suddenly my views went from about four to about 4,000 in the space of like five minutes. Then, by the time I finished my shift at about 11 o'clock, it was on 100,000 views.


I'd never had that many views before in my life. It was mostly for my two friends that followed me. And then I thought, well, I should probably do that again, that was quite fun. So I did a Harry Potter one next.


I paint on second-hand books quite a lot because I think it's important to keep things in circulation and give second-hand items new life."


She's since caught the eye of major film and television studios.


Maisie Matilda, Amateur artist
"I was contacted by Amazon Prime to do some commissions on the Wheel of Time books, for their new upcoming series. So, I had a month to paint about 15 books, which was overwhelming and brilliant. So they went to the cast and fans of the Wheel of Time. But it hadn't actually come out yet, so all I had to work on was the trailer. So I had to take screenshots from the trailer.

梅茜·玛蒂尔达       业余艺术家
“亚马逊 Prime 联系了我,委托我在原著《时光之轮》上作画,他们将推出同名系列剧。他们给我一个月的时间来画大约15本书,时间很紧,但这让我受宠若惊,激动不已。画好的书送给了《时光之轮》的演员和剧迷。当时这部剧还没推出,所以我只能参考预告片里的场景作画,从预告片中截图。

It was a lot of work. I spent a lot of time in my room painting, all day, every day. My housemates got slightly worried for me.


Lots of people want commissions and especially having a big commission like Amazon Prime, it was a lot more responsibility than I'm used to, and suddenly I was getting paid for a job that I really really love. If I could pay off my student loan by just painting books, that would just be the best thing ever. "

很多人想接受委托工作,尤其是像亚马逊 Prime 这样的大公司委托的项目,我从没承担过这么重大的责任,而且突然有人给我酬劳雇我做我喜爱的工作。要是我能通过画画来偿还学生贷款,就再好不过了。”



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