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Dancers' moves help to power Glasgow music venue 舞者用舞步帮助英国格拉斯哥音乐场馆供电



Dancers' moves help to power Glasgow music venue 舞者用舞步帮助英国格拉斯哥音乐场馆供电


SWG3 is a huge warehouse which hosts major club nights.

“SWG3” 是一间大型仓库,在夜间举办大型音乐休闲活动。

It claims to be the first in the world to use this type of heating and cooling system, and I’ve managed to get exclusive access.


David Townsend, Founder of TownRock Energy
“You and I just standing here right now, we're generating about 100, 150 watts of energy. When you start dancing, let's say medium pace, like Rolling Stones or something, you might be generating like 250 watts. And then if you’ve got, like, you know, a big DJ, absolutely slamming basslines and making everyone jump up and down, you could be generating 500 to 600 watts of thermal energy.”

大卫·汤森     TownRock Energy 创始人

And that heat is then captured from the dancefloor and transferred to a series of 200-metre-deep boreholes which can be charged like a thermal battery.


The Bodyheat system is being turned on at a party – and what better way than an event honouring a dance that originated in Scotland? The Slosh, and with every step, each person is their own generator of renewable energy, which you can see using this forward-looking infrared camera.

在一次聚会上,Bodyheat 系统随即启动。还有什么比在苏格兰举办一场活动,以此纪念源于当地的舞蹈更应景的呢?这种舞蹈叫 “Slosh”,你每跳一步,就通过自身的体热再生出能量,你可以用这台前视红外相机看到人体产生的能量。

And after the dancing, the team look at the data.


Andrew Fleming-Brown, SWG3 managing director
“Any development is... there's risk attached to it. And when you're putting in a system which is the first time ever, you're taking a bit of a leap of faith. If we can make it work here in this environment, there's no reason why we can't take it to other venues, and other environments, and not just here in Scotland in the UK, across Europe and further afield.”

安德鲁·弗莱明-布朗     SWG3总经理

The team here are clearly committed to this new technology and the importance of doing their bit to help the environment, and clubbers have an extra reason to stay on the dancefloor all night long.




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