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单词 issue 的四个用法



单词 “issue” 的用法不少,它既可以作名词,表示 “话题”,“问题” 或是报纸期刊的 “期、号”;也可以作动词,表示 “颁发(正式文件)”。主持人 Tom 教你 “issue” 的这四个常见用法。


1 名词 “issue” 可以表示 “议题,重要话题”。

The environment is an important issue.

The energy crisis is a big issue for many people.

2 名词 “issue” 可以表示 “问题”,与 “problem” 意思相近。

If you find any issues with our videos, please let us know.

I've got issues with my neighbour over parking.

3 动词 “issue” 可以表示 “发出,颁发(正式文件)”。

I'm waiting for reception to issue my work pass.

My new driving licence has finally been issued.

4 名词 “issue” 还可以表示同一报刊杂志的 “版次、期、号”。

This is today's issue. Get today's issue now.

She will be on the front cover in the next issue of this fashion magazine. 

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