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名词 character 怎么用?



名词 “character” 除了可以表示 “(书或电影里的)角色” 以外,它还可以指 “个性” 和 “(事物的)特色”。怎么用包含这个单词的搭配来表示 “人意志坚强、品格高尚”?看视频,跟主持人 Phil 学习 “character” 的常见用法。


1 “Character” 是一个名词,它可以表示 “(文学、影视作品中的)人物、角色”。

I can't believe they've killed off my favourite character in that TV series!

Who is your favourite character in Star Wars?

2 “Character” 还可以指 “性格,个性”。

He has a friendly character.

Please write down five words that can describe your character.

3 包含 “character” 的常见搭配有:a lot of character(有个性);strong character(意志坚强);of good character(品格高尚)。

It takes a lot of character to be a good leader.

The way you dealt with that showed strong character.

You need to prove you are of good character.

4 “Character” 还可以表示 “(事物的)特色,特点”,尤其指 “(让事物或地点具有魅力、趣味或与众不同的)特性”。

The original furniture is what gives that house character.

The attention to detail in these clothes is what gives them character.

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