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Check 的常见用法



“Check” 最常见的意思是 “检查”,它既可以作动词,也可以作名词。在国际象棋术语中,“check” 的意思是什么?看 “一分钟英语” 视频,学习单词 “check” 的常见用法。


1. 动词 “check” 可以表示 “检查(质量、条件或合适度)” 。

He checked his car after the crash, but, luckily, there wasn't any damage.

Can you check this email before I send it, please?

2. 动词 “check” 可以表示 “核实,得到信息” 。

I've emailed Sue to check when the meeting is.

Could you check the address of the dentist?

3. 名词 “check” 指 “检查,核对” 。

You always have to go through security checks at the airport.

The engineer did regular checks of the work on the building site.

4. 在国际象棋术语中,名词或动词 “check” 的意思是 “将军” 。

Check mate. Your king is under attack, and I am the winner!

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