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单词 special 的三个常见用法


形容词 “special” 的基本含义是 “特别的,特殊的”。除此之外,它还可以表示 “特别重要的” 和 “有特定用途的”。看视频中的讲解,学习形容词 “special” 的三个常见用法。


1.形容词 “special” 可以用来形容人或事物是 “格外好的,特殊的,特别的”。       

Ling is the most talented dancer in our group. She is really special.   

I've cooked something really special for you.

This isn't just chocolate, it's special!

2. 形容词 “special” 还可以用来形容人或事物是 “特别重要的”。

My wife is really special to me. I love her very much.

Today's a really special day for me – my birthday!

This song is special to me. It brings back memories.

3. 在描述事物有特定用途时,形容词 “special” 则可以用来表示 “专门的,特设的”。

You'll need a special tool for that. This one won't work.

The doctor gave me a special diet to follow.

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